What rules should be broken

You can and should break these 8 fashion rules

Fashion means a sense of life and wellbeing! At least it should. It is all the more paradoxical that there are certain fashion rules that are somehow burned into them - and are considered no-gos in the fashion world. Statements such as "horizontal stripes make you fat", "jogging pants only belong at home" or "gold and silver jewelry must not be combined" you have probably heard several times. But if fashion does stand for self-determination, these rules are outdated and in most cases simply wrong!

We calculate with widespread fashion norms and myths! Read about the rules you can - and should break.

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1. Gold and silver jewelry should not be combined

Everything is allowed in jewelry today - including the once frowned upon gold-silver combination. Why shouldn't your favorite pieces of jewelery be collected just because someone once claimed that silver and gold jewelery should not be combined? In most cases, the two metals harmonize wonderfully in terms of color.

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As long as your jewelry is roughly the same style, your look will be anything but restless! Many well-known jewelry manufacturers rely on the pretty mix of different metals and metal colors. So grab your gold watch and your silver chain.

2. Hoodies are not fashionable

One of the absolute autumn / winter trends of this season is the hoodie - a piece of clothing that many have at home, but mostly only wear there.

Now the hoodie is becoming an absolute statement piece, with which styles are broken - this is also proven by these street style looks:

Wear the hoodie with cool jeans, feminine skirts and your favorite coat. The hoodie can be a great color accent in the mostly rainy weather!

3. Horizontal stripes apply

This view is widespread, but it seems to be a mistake. Although longitudinal stripes visually stretch (this is due to the scientifically proven horizontal-vertical illusion), this does not mean that horizontal stripes stretch the figure in width. It depends on the latitude patrol!

The eye perceives horizontal stripes that are between 1.5 and 4 cm wide as very pleasant, so thin stripes do not actually appear at all - especially not when they appear on a dark background. But wide stripes also have their advantages, as they can be used to focus on narrow body regions such as the waist.

Horizontal stripes are not only withheld from some women with certain dimensions, they are also among the fashion classics that every woman can and should wear!

4. Backpacks are not for adults

The trend is growing more and more: many women are replacing the usual handbag with feminine backpacks. Not only the shoulders and neck suffer from the one-sided strain from a handbag, but the entire backbone! This can lead to chronic pain and an unhealthy posture.

A backpack is easy on the shoulder and neck muscles and also leaves both hands free - and the current designs are in no way inferior to handbags!

5. Do not mix different patterns

Now it's getting really creative, because the times when different patterns could not be combined are over! Whether plaid with animal print, stripes with dots or floral patterns with camouflage: For a trendy outfit you should only pay attention to harmonizing colors. A mix of patterns in black and white can also look really classy!

In order not to overload the look, you should keep your jewelry rather subtle. The same generally applies to accessories (unless a scarf or bag is one of the sample it pieces).

By the way, this trend is not only suitable for women in their twenties! For fashion blogger and columnist Susanne Ackstaller one thing is clear: Mature women should wear colorful clothes a lot more often! Read more!

6. Blue and black cannot be combined

As is well known, everything goes well with black - so why not the color blue? Just! There is no answer because this rule is completely out of date. Even Karl Lagerfeld combined blue and black outfits for the Fendi label. Any shade of blue goes well with black. Especially the combination with dark blue looks very stylish. The look becomes really classy if you mix different materials, e.g. B. velvet and silk or leather and lace.

7. Certain items of clothing do not belong in the office

A study by Harvard University shows that people who stand out from the crowd with their style are judged to be more competent. The researchers call this effect the "Red Sneaker Effect". Extravagant fashion statements are therefore allowed! Decide on your patterned blazer, trainers, colorful socks, colored trousers or something similar - it will be positively received if you do not adhere to labels and fashion norms of the business world. Even the sweatpants have become suitable for the office. Many tight-fitting models look totally classy, ​​and heels can underline the serious but cool look.

8. Sneakers are not suitable for the office

There are sneakers and sneakers: those that can be seen on the sports field and those that have become the absolute favorite part of many! Women's sneakers are no longer bulky. Rather, the comfortable shoes are now available in many feminine and minimalist versions that actually go with every outfit. Especially timeless models in muted colors can be worn in the office without hesitation.

In general, a shoe trend towards comfort can be observed, because even in spring and summer we focus on comfort and healthy feet with fashionable mules.

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