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Fortune telling

Fortune telling : Article with some thoughts and reflections on divination. Simple and complex information about fortune telling from the point of view of yoga philosophy, psychology and health theory.

Fortune telling - explained from a yoga point of view

Fortune telling

Fortune telling means predicting the future or saying what other people think or what is elsewhere. The forecast of the future is usually referred to as fortune telling. Fortune telling is also known as divination or fortune telling. Fortune telling is often a derogatory term for fortune telling. Time and space are ultimately illusions, in a certain way you can say that the whole universe exists in the here and now. Someone who can leave this current dimension can look into the future and see what can happen in the future. It is a form of divination.

Fortune telling can refer to the fact that someone goes into the subtle perception, because what happens in the physical world happens beforehand in the astral universe. So whoever has access to an astral universe knows the fundamentals or causes for the future physical universe and on this basis can practice fortune-telling precisely what will happen in this world in the future.

Fortune telling can be based on observing very closely what exists in this physical world now, and through this subtle perception, which he or she may not even be aware of, he or she can see what is going to happen in the future.

Fortune telling does not only exist on the parapsychological level. There are people who have a very good sense of what is going to happen. Divination is something that is reported in most religions. Fortune telling is also known as mantic and divination. Divination is not only the revelation of the future, but also the exposition of signs of the gods. Fortune telling can be done through meditation alone or in a trance. But there is also fortune-telling using various aids, e.g. with astrology, card reading, tarot and many more.

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