How did you get enlightenment

The statement "You are already enlightened" is rubbish

Many enlightened people simply babble on sentences they have picked up somewhere (e.g. Om C Parkin). "You are already enlightened" is one of them. If that were true, then all of humanity would be enlightened.

There are only two possible assumptions:

1) There is no enlightenment
2) There is enlightenment

If assumption 1) "There is no enlightenment" is true, then the following statement "You are already enlightened" would be meaningless. Because how can you already be something that doesn't even exist !? In addition, all Hindus, Buddhists and living masters who describe enlightenment as a fact of life would be charlatans.

Then assumption 2 applies) There is enlightenment!
That has to be the case, because the person who says the sentence must necessarily assume that this phenomenon "enlightenment" exists, otherwise he would not use the term.

Now, of course, one can ask: What does the word "enlightened" actually mean? Let's take as a basis what can be found as the greatest common denominator among all the enlightenment reports: The personal I disappears and you realize that you are one with everything.

If I now apply the sentence "You are already enlightened", then that would mean in a formulated form: In every person, the ego has disappeared and every person recognizes himself as one with everything.
That is observably wrong. And that is why this statement is nonsense with this second assumption.

The statement "You are already the silence" is different

If someone says: you are already the stillness (the self, the universal consciousness, all-that-is), then that is correct. Because there is only this one consciousness that we all are. But the word "enlightenment" is used for that Detect whose needed. If the enlightened bubble now repeats unchecked the nonsense that they have read from somewhere, then that would mean that the knowledge already applies to everyone. And that is observable bullshit.

Now and then there is a third answer that the enlightened try to use to talk their way out. They say: This is meant from the perspective of all-that-is. But that too is wrong and absurd.

From the perspective of All-That-Is, there is no I, no world, no nature, no physical universe. Everything is dreamed of. From this perspective there is nothing we really have a word for. So no "non-enlightenment" and no "enlightenment" either. Therefore the phrase "you are already enlightened" would be nonsense even from the perspective of all-that-is. Because there is no separation, no confusion, no story from which one can wake up "enlightened".

The word "enlightenment" only makes sense when viewed from this perspective of the relative dream world in which we are all trapped. In this illusion there is a knowing, in this illusion there is an awakening. This recognition is called "enlightened".

The fact is: the average normal person experiences and feels an individual "person", he feels an "I", he feels separation from others. When this perception changes, it is called "enlightened".

From every conceivable perspective it is nonsense to say: "You are already enlightened".

And then there is the perspective: does this statement bring me anything? More peace, more insight, closer to awakening? Answer: no. On the contrary: you just get confused and frustrated!