Hitler was born from incest

Like Hitler's real name. Biography of Hitler Adolf

Historian and TV presenter Leonid Mlechin captured the rays of Adolf Hitler's greatest mysteries

On the shelves of even a small bookstore, there will likely be several books that tell about fascist Germany and Adolf Hitler. Another was added to them - "the greatest riddle of the Fuhrera, written by a famous historian, writer and TV presenter Leonid Mlechin. Why is there interest in this historical figure (by the way, tomorrow - the birthday of Nazi bonsid number one) is so persistent? “Isn't everything known about Hitler?” We asked the author.

There are in the world history of personality whose crimes are so incredible that they will always attract attention. I have tried to answer many questions, but there are things that cannot all be understood. The researcher penetrates to some extent, however, it often occurs on the wrong perception of the extent of the personality.

Indeed, the identity of Adolf Hitler was a complete insignificance, but the scope of his atrocities so that they turned his figure into the gigantic as a powerful lens. Under this optical effect, Hitler was often attributed to the qualities that were not in him.

- So the final understanding of Hitler has not yet taken place?

All German archives relating to the 13-year period of Hitlerism were opened immediately after 1945. A great number of books are being written, but they are introducing themselves, and to this day in the same Germany, more and more new works. So I just read Fett's treatise on the German economy during the Nazi era. For the first time in 60 years, detailed explanations are given in the same way to the third heron with sufficiently scarce resources, it is possible to create a powerful military machine and threaten almost everyone in the world. This is an inexhaustible subject.

- And what is the "greatest mystery of Hitler"? Did you reveal it

Tyne has a lot of furera. From the riddle of its origin: Because it is always not clear who his grandfather was. Most likely, incest took place in his family: the father married his own niece. He hid her whole life hard and was afraid that the truth would come out. Another mystery is Hitler's relationship with men and women, his crushed homosexuality, fear of intimate intimacy with the opposite sex. As a result, there was a complete breakdown with himself and the insult to the whole world. It seems that the only person who experienced Hitler feelings, including sexual ones, was his own niece of Gheli Raubal, who committed suicide in the 31st year.

All this special and would not have much important, if it was not in nature, in the fate of his country itself. But the greatest mystery is how this person was able to be able to completely submit an entire state to the mass consciousness of the people to rule so that this nation would rush into the furnace.

- Recently we have been taught the stories differently: historical materialism, the struggle of the classes, the movement of the building into the ranks. And now it turns out some personalities And their intimate life can drastically affect world history?

Yes, I think the role of personality in the story turned out to be much bigger than we once thought about. It's just colossal! I dare to argue that if Adolf Hitler died at the front in the 17th or 18th year, Nazism would not have been. There would be ultra-right parties, something else, but 50 million people would stay alive! It was born sooner or later for a dozen years and everything would have happened differently. Hitler coincided at the very historical point with the feelings of the people caught the wave.

- You portrayed young Hitler as an ordinary, weak and compact man. At what point did the metamorphosis happen and the leader appeared?

The entire chain of accidents leads to this. There is a version that the turning point was the episode on the front line of World War I when Hitler was in the hospital after the gas attack. The doctor who treated him for blindness discovered that the eye visit was not organic, but rather neurotic. And not without the help of hypnosis did the Frontic Doctor Hitler inspire a special belief in himself.

The second point arose when Hitler was at the meeting of the small Bavarian party - and such rounds took place in the beer, "began to speak. Surrounded by absolutely insignificant margins, he suddenly felt the gift of the demagogue. He began to clap, and so did he fulfilled trust.

In a word, the mass of fortuitous circumstances were in fatal order. He shouldn't be supposed to come to power. When the Weimar Republic had been extended for a few months, the Nazi wave would take off. And it turned out that a number of politicians, playing their own games, trying to drown each other, opened the path to the top.

- Is it really that accidental? After all, fascism was already in Italy at that time, and similar regimes were taking over in other European countries.

However, there was a special situation in Germany. After the First World War, the Germans had a great offense for the whole world. And false resentment and the search for external enemies are extremely dangerous things for any country.

"By the way, in Russia, which suffered the most in the war against fascism, the skinheads that hit people of other nationalities are set today. Where did we get this infection?

In this case there is no paradox. Germany was needed two decades and the huge stress of society, primarily the West German intelligentsia. She wrote new textbooks, created a new spiritual climate. The country has learned lessons. Even the current Chancellor of Germany Merkel, born after the war and apparently free of responsibility for Hitler's crimes, speaks of the historical guilt of the German people. It costs a lot.

How strange it won't be a great patriotic war for Russia It wasn't anti-fascist, it was a war for the homeland against the residents. The exposure of fascism, its ideological roots did not appear: because the MOFALINS mode is largely similar to it. It is clearly visible in the example of the GDR, where these "vaccinations", as not done in the USSR, are not carried out. It is not by chance that the ultra-right in current Germany is almost all of their eastern countries. I hope the raps of Hitler's Greatest Secrets will at least one step take us all to extracting historical lessons.

The name "Hitler" before our country was associated with anything negative. Nobody even really knew when Hitler's birthday was. And to congratulate it with another appointment, it wouldn't come to mind.
However, there were young people who wanted to congratulate Hitler so much that they even had a rise. It seems what Hitler looks like from this joy? But only those who have something to ask are asked. The rest shave to sleep so that the head of the summer rested, the case was aired in the fall, in the winter the hat was on the hat that the hat was better, and spring would like to be happy.
It is for such people that we publish the biography of Adolfa Shiklgruan-Hitler. For the first time in Russian, by the way.
Short biographical certificate

Little Guitle was born in the area occupied by the Germans. But it didn't make it a fascist. Initially, Gitley stole a childhood. It happened like this: the Guitle had to go to school, and after school to go back, and on the way to go to the store. But it didn't make it a fascist. Although it bothered a lot.
Then Gitley stole youth. A beautiful girl (not Eva Brown, but more beautiful) didn't want the Gurle to take her with his youthful mustache. A set of cockroaches immediately appeared to Gitley. He began to be afraid of people in sturdy shoes with newspapers in their hands.
To overcome this phrase from Gitlah, went to the army. There he stole his youth along with the ports and photo of a naked woman (maybe mother or sister).
This guhr did not suffer and became a fascist. In addition, he added the bold letter "Er" to his more Harlomb and turned from Mämli Gitley in Hitler's Fuhler.
At that time the fascists in Germany had little, and Hitler was easily mediated among them and had broken the second German fascist and two anti-fascists. From that point on, fascists in Germany became four.
Adolf offered wonderful fascist names to friends: Athos, Portos, Aramis and Hitler. Everyone wanted to be Hitler because the rest of the names seemed like frogs.
But Hitler was already Adolf himself. Then he came up with their nicknames for friends: Borman, Schatorsman and Tee. On Borman somehow agreed, but Shamman and the torture went without the owners. I had to pull out stranded good people The names of Goebbels and Himmler.
The Borman was insulted here. He would have known that he would later throw such Zyanka names as Goebbels and Himmler, did he agree on almost a Jewish border? I had to take "Borman" back and give the NZ - the sonodic name "Göring".
Eventually all procedural issues were resolved and Hitler, Goering, Himmler and Goebbels (sounds great, right?) Could get drunk in Munich beer.
It was there that these four "GE", as they called others, could conquer the whole world. And not with the help of a smile or a song "yesterday", but really: with the help of SS divisions, Panther tanks and Messerschmidt aircraft.
When the money ended, and the desire to drink beer was left, friends ordered the bartender to pour her into debt. The Martial barman refused and in the program of angry fascists, an item about special camps where such bartenders would be included, and about them there could be all kinds of evil. The humiliation is different there ... so that you can take the bartender and pin the bartender for the nose or stick in a shorter one and if he, the reptile is so smart he'll think about it then burn it in the oven.
This program was immediately reported by the bartender, but for some reason he didn't believe he didn't sell the bar or leave the country. But he had one such opportunity for another fifteen.
Nobody immediately put rags on the header, and they cursed: they took and came to power. What did you people buy? They took and promised that people would stop working. The people really liked it, but the question arose: who will work then? The answer to the move was invented by Goebbels, they say others will work. And Borman added "Nations". Himmler then made it clear that they are specially designed so that today will not be conquered today.
Indeed, running forward, let's say the peoples of Europe have surprisingly won. They immediately started working on the Germans, just asking them so as not to kill them.
But with Russian everything turned out to be more difficult. At first, a lot is similar to the Germans - they don't like working either. In contrast to the Germans, they love to drink vodka rather than beer. And drink vodka as much as the Germans drink water in the morning after beer.
But let's go back to Hitler. In the prime he was graduated from a rocky love for Eve Brown (translated: to a primitive brown woman). I have to say Eve wasn't a beauty, but Hitler didn't say that. And once he got it, it was difficult to get rid of Eva. I had to poison it. By chance, together with Eva, Hitler poisoned the dog himself and left the water in the Berlin Wasti-Value-Metropolitan named after Hitler.
For some reason, I decided that Hitler was so upset because of the fact that the war was losing. Fascists because of such trifles are not frustrated. And what's more, this is not etched so in vain. At most: Replace the name, the appearance and in Argentina.
No, there is a common household mistake in woman poisoning.
In general, Hitler's life was so boring that when it broke out he was just saying, "Stop !!" and all. There was even nothing to remember. Just a stupid animal wish, so that everything stops and money stays. (C)

Propaganda showed Hitler as a person who came from nowhere in history. There was no family in this myth, no one needed to know about them. His consolidated brother Alois held a beer in Berlin, a summarizing sister of the angel was watching the house, his sister Paula was busy with the killer, a nephew fought alongside Hitler, the other fought, fought against it. This family had many secrets. Modern Research Explain why the dictator hides its origin. He was just afraid that it would make you vulnerable. But who were his relatives? What did Hitler think about his relatives whom they considered to be?

Mother Adolf Hitler

Clara Pelzl was born in the farming family in Walldfirertel (Austria) in 1860. Girl of the girl - Johann Baptist Pelzl, mother - Johann Hutler (Gutler), daughter Johann Nepomock Huttlera. Hitler - the father of Adolf Hitler - was an illegitimate child whom his mother's husband recognized only in 1876, when it was already 39 years old. Johann Georg Huttler, who always wanted a son, said goodbye to a child, but in childhood Alois constantly lived on the uncle (on other information - grandfather) - Johann Nepomock. It was his efforts that the Aloisa son of Johann George performed. Upon acceptance, the surname changed to Hitler. So, Clara Hitler and Alois Hitler, in that the Nazi dictator appeared on the light, relatives had to apply each other.

The Clara Pelzl family.

Clara had five brothers and so many sisters. Almost all of them died at a young age. Only the sisters of Johann and Teresien lived a relatively long life (48 and 67 years, respectively). Johanna was not married, there was a hump who died of the coma because of diabetes. Adolf Hitler Tantewoen visited most of his state. Tersia Hitler (Schmidt) married a wealthy Selinine and continued the genre. The rest of the children of Johanna Baptist and Johann Hutler died as a child or at a very young age: Johann, Franz and Maria lived less than a year, Izifef - at the age of twenty-one, Anton - by five years old, Carl Boris - one year and a few months, Maria - in four years.

Acquaintance with Alois.

After graduating from school, Clara brought Hitler's biography to Alois' house, where she got a housekeeper. The girl was then only thirteen. ALOISA only had to count on thirteen. He fled the house and finished off the shoemaker's pupil. He fell into border guards five years later, moving quickly through the service, and soon became the senior inspector of customs in the town of Brownau. Soon Alois Hitler was inherited from the company. He married a woman who was fourteen years older than him. The spouse divorced him when Alois started his mistress - Fanny's kitchen (Francis) Mathswellsberger. Then Alisa attracted sixteen-year-old Clara, but it was combined with a marriage with Fanny, who gave birth to two children - the daughter of the angel and the son of Alois. Fanny died two years later.

Marriage Alois and Clara

Alois Hitler came into contact with Clara at this time when he was officially married to Fanny Matsellsberger. In order to marry her, a man had to get permission from the Vatican because he formally had to give him a blood relative to Clara. The local Catholic bishop did not give permission for this marriage. At that time, Alois's relative, who was over 24 years old, was already pregnant. She regularly attended church, who conscientiously played her house duties. Clara Hitler could not overcome the status of the maid by coming to Alois' house. Years later she still called her husband "Uncle Alois".

In the first few years after the wedding, Clara gave birth to two boys and a girl, but the children died in infancy. Gustav Hitler died in two years and seven months, and his sister Ida is twenty-five days after his brother at the age of one and a half. The third child of the married couple - Otto Hitler - lived only three days. Two children died of diphtheria within a month. Otto died of hydrocephalus. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. Biographers write that Love Clara Hitler was unconditional to his son. He was born after the death of three children, so that Clara, most likely after the birth, fear and anxiety, which could cause a strong blow to Adolf's psyche.

Surviving children

In total, Clara Hitler was six years old. When Adolf was almost five, Edmund was born. In early 1896, Powl's daughter was born into the von Hitler family.Edmouth died of chickenpox at the age of six. Alive only Adolf and Paula remained. You were the only native brother and sister who lived to adulthood. (The photo below) worked in the Vienna secretary, and after being released, financial support began to be received from his brother. At Adolf's request, she took the fictional family name Wolf and worked out from time to time. Wolf - It was a nickname Hitler used for security purposes in the twenties. Paula was the only relative of the head of the Third Reich, to which Hitler was chained all his life.

In the last days of World War II, when defeat was inevitable, Martin Borman Paul was transported to Berchtesgaden in order. Then Paula was forty years old. In May 1945, Hitler's sister was arrested and interrogated. She later returned to Vienna, he lived for some time on his own savings and then worked in the art shop. Since 1952 he cared for former members of the SS and survived from the close range of her brother in Berchtesgaden. Paul died four years old in 1960 at the age of sixties. She was the last of those who then lived the closest relatives of the sensor.

Other relatives

In the family, Clara Hitler and Alois were raised not only by their local children, but also by his son Alois Hitler Jr. and the daughter of Angela Hitler by Fanny Matsellsberger. Clara brought up all the children. In fourteen years, Alois Jr. fled the house because of the conflict with his father. After that, the father's tyranny went to Adolf. The future dictator thought of shooting from home from home for eleven years. Angela (in the photo below with her husband), Summer's senior sister Adolf, lived with his family until 1903. In 1903 she became the wife of Leo Raubal, the inspector of the tax service. She gave birth to son Leo, daughters, and Elfrida.

Of course, Angela had a good relationship with his stepless brother. She moved to the capital of Austria and after the first world started working as a manager. For the past ten years she had not known exactly anything about Adolf's life, but in 1919 he had contact with the only sister. In 1928 (eighteen years after the death of his first husband) she moved to Berghof, where he became Hitler's housekeeper. Some researchers believe that Adolf had sexual relations with his nephew who committed suicide in 1931.

The same angel himself did not approve of a consolidated brother's relationship with Eve Brown. Their relationship was eventually spoiled when Hitler gave Angela Tag to pack the bags in 1935. He accused a woman in the fact that she was helping to acquire land across from his property in Berchtesgaden. Hitler finally broke the warm relationship with Engel. He didn't even attend their wedding. In 1936 Angela Hitler married Martin Hammich, the German architect and the director of the building school. During the Second World War, Führer contacted his sister again. She was a facilitator to communicate with other family members.

Next the fate of the angels

After the bombing of Dresden, the head of Naziger Germany transported the only SONCING sister to Berchtesgaden so as not to take in Soviet soldiers. He allocated her 100 thousand Reichsmaröste, and in his will an angel guaranteed a monthly retirement in the amount of 1000 Reichsmarösten. Engel is very much valued by his brother even after the end of the war. She stated that he knew nothing about the Holocaust (like Hitler). Angela Hitler was certain that if Adolf knew what was happening in the concentration camps, he would stop it.

Death of Clara Hitler

Alois Hitler died in 1903. On the morning of the third of January, he went to the tavern for a glass of wine in the habit of habit, picked up a newspaper and felt unexpected to the touch. He soon died from either myocardial infarction or from bleeding into the lungs (there are several versions). Two years later, Clara Hitler sold her home and moved to Linz. Paul was then five years old, Adolf - fourteen. In 1907, Clara Hitler made a terrible diagnosis - breast cancer. Soon she was placed in the "Barmherzige Schwestern" hospital in the city of Linz. At the beginning of the year it was doing a heavy operation that continued for a full hour. After eleven months, the woman died. The cause of Clara Hitler's death is cancer.

Riddle of Hitler's nationality

Opponents of the myth on the Jewish origin of the leader of fascist Germany operate on a mass of facts, some of which can be ascribed to the fudge category. However, these rumors really have to be built on something. Suspicious facts and the behavior of the probe, who after the arrival of power prevented the announcement of his family tree and even destroyed the documents. In 1928 the Berlin police proved that Adolf Hitler's grandfather was a Jew. Harvard researchers came to the same conclusion in 1943.

What is the nationality of Clara Hitler? Analysts believe that Hitler's Jewish blood is in the line of the father, but only syphilis could pass through the mother's mother, which caused the deaths of many infants, as well as Clara brothers and sisters. The godfather and his hometown Doctor Adolf were Jews. Even to lower nationality issues, the leader of Nazi Germany was born as a result of incest. There is information that his sister had a mental illness, the aunt had diabetes and a hump was born, another aunt's son is a hump with speech impairments.

The future leader of the German people, the leader of the race "Civilized Aries", was born in the city of Europe in Austria in the city of Brownau on the Inna River. His parents are a 52-year-old Aloz and a 20-year-old Clara-Hyller (Nee Pelzl). Both of his family's branches were from Valdfirl, Lower Austria, a remote hilly area where they were engaged in the hard work of the small farming community. ALOIZ - the son of a wealthy farmer - instead of going down a laughing path, made the career of a customs officer who advanced from the service stairs. Alois, being illegal, carried Shiklgrubeber's surname until 1876 - his mother's surname until he officially changed it - because he was called up in the house of his uncle Johanna Nepomock Hydler - to Hitler. Aloiz was married for the third time by April 1889, when his son was born. It was a pretty supportive Burgger who received more than a decent state retirement and a checkered life in the city and barely copied the "Lord's" lifestyle. He even bought a mansion near the town of Lambakh, although not a large one, but the landowner (however, Aliza was later forced to sell it).

Neighbors in one voice recognized his authority (it was difficult not to recognize the authority of an amphibious and noisy Usach, whoever, who always went to the official coinier). Adolf's mother was a calm, sown woman with a heavy pale face and huge, careful eyes. It was when they wrote about her that they were getting some. True, "scored" Here you need to understand two: As a family strand argument, Aloiz did not hesitate to give the fists the will. And the reason for the argument could be anything. In particular, the resentment of the retired customs officer meant that Clara could not give birth to his son. The presence of a post-comfort of men was key for ALONE at the moment. Adolf and his younger sister Paula were born weak, are subject to the mass of various diseases.

There is a version that Hitler's father was half a Jew, and Adolf Hitler himself was a Jew in a neighborhood, that is, Hitler flows Jewish blood, and in that regard he just has no reason to make anti-Semitic speeches. It should be noted that Adolf himself was born as a result of the blood level, since his father Aliziz Hitler was married for the third time on a woman (Hitler's future mother) and was with her for the second degree. So Adolf Hitler, one of the most widely printed historical characters of the last century, entered this world after receiving inheritance from parents, not in good health, but with a clear reason, but a clear reason and inherent peasant perseverance in achieving the Target. It is this persistence that has become the cause of the highest start and lowest fall.

He learned to read, he quickly mastered the father's library and has the ability, the ability to tell the story of the story, to tell. The oratorical art of the German Fuhrera is rooted in his distant childhood. However, not only oratorio - right from childhood and has become a world-famous symbol of the swastika. He first saw a swastika or "cross hang" when he was six years old when he sang in the boys' choir in Lambah, in eastern Austria. It was introduced by the former abbot hanga as the coat of arms of the monastery and was carved in 1860 on a stone slab above the bypass gallery of the monastery. Designed by personally Hitler with a swastika in 1920 became a banner of the NSDAP and in 1935 - the state flag of Nazi Germany.

Adolf draws back on perseverance in his comrades, refers to the leader of all children's games. In addition, the love of storytelling and the tendency to lead almost led the future leader of the Germanic people into the ecclesiastical career. "In the spare time of other professions I studied in a choir school in Lambah - he remembered on the pages of my struggle." This gave me the opportunity to go to church often and directly experience the ritual ritual and the festive glitter of church festivals. It would be very natural. If for me now the position of abbot became the same ideal, since it was in time for my father, it was the position of village pastor. For some time it was and it was. My father didn't like the oratorical talents of his drakuna silishka, nor my dreams that they would be offered. "The thoughts about the spiritual title did not only take Hitler, he dreamed in his day and Joseph Goebbels - the closest Gytler candidate. Their dreams, the church, beyond doubtless, would acquire the wonderful, selflessly loyal servants and the world - who knows! - would have cost without the Third Reich.

Soon the dream of the future future associated with the Church left Adolf Hitler, became a dream to become a soldier. The younger classes of the basic People's School defeated Adolf without difficulty. However, after completing the basic classes, it was necessary to choose a high school or a real school to continue their studies. Of course, Aloiza doesn't like high school. This would be quite expensive first, and secondly, in the gym they taught many humanitarian objects, a completely unnecessary public service official. So Adolf started at a real school in Linz, where his successes were very common. The children's dream of a military career was somewhat fischered, and their place took the desire to become an artist. This idea, supported by good taste, a hard hand and the ability of the draftsman, brought Hitler for a long time. But his father was against it. It is one thing - being able to draw, and the other - to give up everything for an unclear future that the artist awaits!

Alois Hylder was heavy and soon sat on the barrel of the cams when other arguments ended or he turned out to be too drunk to resort to. So the contradiction of the father, Adolf, laid completely real danger: in the signing of Aliza, Aliza did not look where he was hitting, and did not come to power. A sensational find was made in Germany: A diary was discovered, written by the younger sister Adolf Hitler - Paula. The diary shows that Brother Paula was an aggressive teenager and often hit her. Historians also discovered memoirs written by a common brother Hitler of Alois and a summarizing sister angel. One of the passages described the cruelty of Hitler's father, which was also called, and the way Adolf tried to protect his son from constant beatings; "Fearing that her father would no longer be able to hold back his unbridled anger, she decided to end this torture. She climbs up in the attic and closes Adolf with her body. When Adolf Hitler was 13 years old, his father suddenly died the apoplexic blow.

Adolf somehow pulled back from being posted to a real school and started preparing for exams on the certificate of maturity. But here the misfortune happened to him: he ran with inflammation of the lungs, and at the insistence of the doctors, he was forced to avoid serious loads for a long time nervous system. The next year Hitler did not work for recreation and did not study. However, he went to Vienna to find out about the opportunity to participate in the Academy of Arts, which was registered in the society library national education, I read a lot, took piano lessons. His life this year would be completely benevolent if it weren't for the overshadowed circumstances - an exacerbated maternal disease after the death of her husband. Fear that, by leaving Linz, he would no longer live Clara, Adolf refused the idea of ​​doing at the Academy of Arts in the fall and stayed with his mother. In January 1907 she had an operation, and although with the approval of the doctor present it could only delay death, Clara assured the son that her condition had consistently improved. Adolf, reassured by these assurances, went back to Vienna, Lelia's dream - finally the real artist.

Hitler passed the exams at the Academy of Arts. "When I was announced that I was not accepted, I hit myself like thunder clear skies", Adolf wrote on the pages of my fight. "Depressed, I left a beautiful building on Schiller Square and for the first time in my short life experienced a sense of disharmony with myself. The fact that I have now immediately heard of the rector's term in terms of my abilities, like that Blitz lit up the internal contradictions that I was half-consciously experiencing before. Just until now I haven't been able to give myself a clear account of why and why it happened. In a few days it became pretty clear that I should become an architect. "It's interesting how subjective could this rating be. When in 1919 the paintings of Adolf Hitler - watercolor landscapes and portraits, written in oil - he showed a large sign of the painting professor Ferdinand, he made an unequivocal judgment: "Absolutely unique talent." And how did history turn around, the rector of the academy similar conclusion ?!

But soon Adolf wasn't working on architecture. He had to return to Linz: his mother was dead. She died in December 1908, which was a huge shock in Hitler's life. After his mother's death, Adolf went back to Vienna. So Adolf Hitler's childhood cannot be called "golden sometimes" - a heavy hand, a despotic father, scored, intimidated mother, a dream of a church career ... and dreams that are weak, closed, but intelligent children - about Justice, the best of life, on the right laws, as well as the ability, combined with fanatics, to adapt to achieve one-off accomplishments. This sequence, which has been installed in Germany after many years, expresses roots from childhood.

After a short time he was able to find a job "with a profile", "1909-1910, my personal situation has changed a bit. At this point I started to work as a drawer and watercolor. No matter how bad it was in relation to the result - it." was still thumbs from the point of view of the chosen occupation, now I was not fatally returned to the evening house and couldn't even take a book. My present work paralleled my future occupation. Now I was in a sense, Mr. his Time, and was able to distribute it better than before. I painted for the result and studied for the soul. "It should be said that watercolors Hitler were bought quite actively: he was still good by the artist. Even those who nominated themselves by his political opponent and did not praise at least something His manifestations, recognized images of the young Austrian considerable achievement in the arts.

One of the reasons for Hitler's desire to become an artist or an architect was a desire to participate in the class of the ruling world in the elite and in God, to continue and surpass the fall of the father who raised and surpassed from the peasants to officials . Adolf's political addictions began to develop during his time in Vienna. Adolf's anti-Semitism probably also comes from Vienna. For one thing, Jews in Austria-Hungary did not love or despise each other. This anti-Semitism at the household level was a sign of Hitler from childhood, was an integral part of the existing world for him.When Adolf moved to Vienna and tried to pursue an artist career, he couldn't help but notice what influence and what financial skills are concentrated in the hands of unsolved and despicable Jews. This contradiction could of course become the source of his anti-Semitism.

After a few years, the Vienna Hitler period ended. The hopelessness of his position in the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, multiplied by the overall growing nationalism that was driving Adolf from Austria, north, to Germany, drew Hitler to Munich. Another of the reasons that led Adolf to leave Austria was that he came a time to be called into the army. But he didn't want to serve as Austria-Hungary. He didn't want to fight for the Habsburgs before preferring Hohenzollers, didn't want to serve alongside the Slavs and Jews, considering the only decent service for the benefit of Germany. At this point in time, Adolf no longer felt Austrian, but German. Because it is possible that the judgment of the Austrian commission on the services of the service does not appear on the German certificate from the first days of the First World War and the volunteer can participate in the Bavarian 16th Reserve Infantry Regiment. The artist's career was completed for him, and a career of a soldier began.

The first baptism of Hitler (October 29, 1914) was taken into account on the days of one of the scalding battles of the First World War. The German army stormed into Lamaneus, then to embrace France from two sides, but on the way of the Germans, experienced British parts had stubbornly and, a little later, when they turned out to be a successful resistance. The cost of the victims in the 16th Bayer affected hundreds of people. In this battle the part lost its commander and sadly earned, but many of the survivors were presented to the award for courage. He was awarded the Iron Cross of the Second Degree and Adolf Hitler.

That reward, oddly enough, before the presentation saved his life. When the list of soldiers presented for the award was discussed, the soldiers were abandoned from a tent of the staff tent on the street - there was only a colonel and a four-man commander of the mouth. A few minutes did not go by as an artillery projectile hit the tent. Everyone killed there was killed or injured, Hitler, and three of his comrades were unharmed. It must be said that Adolf was distinguished among other things by an extraordinary luck. It described several cases when he obeyed an inner voice or chance, avoiding death. In these cases, he described in conversations with comrades, he was dining at the front, he seemed to hear the inner voice that commanded him to go to another place. "I got up and went up 20 meters, took my dinner in the bowler, sat up and sat down again, and more calmly continued my meal. I had hardly been there, I heard an explosion in that part of the funnel, that I had just left. Crazy. Pomegranate is happy exactly where I just ate with their comrades. All died. "The ability to sense the danger on the unconscious level, and effectively demonstrated to Hitler, and later, during numerous attempt of his life.

Surviving after the first terrible fight, Adolf received the position of connection between the regiment's headquarters and the best positions - became a scooter - messenger on a bicycle. The commanders judged him as a person of a conscientious, solid and calm, somewhat ne-war type, who differs little from their comrades. We very soon fell into the "label" of a nutty one. The silence of Hitler's silence seemed too unusual, his habit when there were no affairs, with a lack of appearance to dwell in the thought from which it should not eat powers. From time to time, however, he was extremely verbose and broke long tirades, almost the speeches on his mind. In most of them they talked about his concern for victory, the enemies on the other side of the front and the enemy behind. In the case of Hitler, the Kaiserovsky propaganda strongly affected the international conspiracy towards Germany.

Hitler believed in the "theory of the effects on the back" - in the approval, which at the same time as enemies, the German, open, open conspirators gives, knocking their forces from within. He seemed an exemplary soldier who got out of the pages of a patriotic calendar or an agitist. Of course, fellow soldiers could not go and talk about ardent love for him. They looked at him sickly on the Efreator's head and dreamed of deserving another streak. He paid them the same: an intelligent, puritanical outdated Adolf was difficult to fit into their environment - he shocked the determined humor, drove to the paint with women and brothels, so that Adolf remained lonely for a long time, it didn't come lonely, a strong one Friendship did not almost connect him with anyone. However, it is in no way of his courage and merit. There are cases when he saved the commander of the regiment, literally took him out of the enemy machine gun from the fire, managed to grab the English patrol alone, in the German trenches of the wounded fragment of the root, under the fire, Reached artillery positions and prevent him from lighting his infantry. Right, you can believe far from all the stories that have come out in those times. Let's say the case entered the read statology of the Third Reich when Hitler disarmed fifty French alone - clean water fantasy from the category of domestic textbook stories about Lenin and Inklinitsa.

But that was as possible, in August 1918 he received a rare award for a soldier-priseiser iron cross with the first degree. Considering the award, he was written: "In the conditions of positional and maneuverable warfare, he was an example of serenity and courage and was always called upon by a volunteer, so that in the most difficult situations, the greatest danger is the necessary orders. When all lines of communication were broken in heavy battles, the most important messages were delivered despite all obstacles by appointment due to the tireless and courageous behavior of Hitler. "For four years of the war he participated in 47 battles, often expressed in the Peckelet himself. Incidentally, over time, his courage and ability to avoid senseless danger in the Nate, the authority under the front-line fraternity was avoided. He became something of a regimental talisman: with other soldiers were confident that if Hitler was near Hitler - nothing would happen. It goes without saying that it was great to hit him in the head, thereby foretelling the thought that had been on his hold since childhood, inherent to all developed and sole children and young people.

Similarly, during the war years, his confidence was strengthened that the internal conspiracy still existed. It happened during his stay in the rear in the autumn of 1916, when he was injured in the thigh after being slightly injured, he was directed to Lazare under Berlin. Adolf spent almost five months in the rear Adolf, and according to his own confession it was not the best time. The fact is that at that time the general, somehow struck by the German enthusiasm in the war, the war was turned into a phenomenon of a purely accustomed and already, honestly, honestly, which was filled as a result, what for the military time is very characteristic, a varied to the surface of the human "foam" is the excreted designation with contempt with contempt, which is displaced on those who are in the trenches, mortgages of food, wealthy parents, political rags of the senses concerned. The mood of the soldier, who came from the front for a short time, is excellent by Erich Mary Remarik in the novel "On Western Front Without Change." For a person like Hitler, completely under the influence of experiences at the front and military propaganda, this picture should be simply shocking . Despite Germany's serious position, Social Democrats caused its own revolutionary excitement. You and therefore, the Jews, and Hitler considered the main perpetrators of what happened. Soon the brave body returned to the front with the false wound; In the stern was in its burden. Furthermore, the main thing he dreamed of was victory.

In early 1918 Germany dictated its terms in Brest-Litovsk and after a few years that were signed Bucharest Treaty. With Romania. The exhausted strength of the force of war ended on two fronts. Who knows what the victory in Germany in World War I would be shot in Germany? It is possible that the National Socialist Party will not be based or founded on all, and would a small extremist group remain?

Germany's forces, however, have already been undermined. There weren't enough resources, the front blood without reinforcement. The offensive freezes. Be more flexible in the imperial military car, right now this moment could be decided in order to conclude a ceasefire no less favorably than in Brest Litovsk. Or find extra reserves, do an overall mobilization and win the war to win the victory where the steps remained. but German command Promedlilo, and states that this was the first and perhaps the only chance for the memorial, Anntan went on the offensive in early August 1918. At the end of September it became clear that the war, if not that the war was being played. The transition from waiting for a quick victory for the schools to strongly defeat the whole in all of Germany.

Adolf Hitler got under the blow: this situation was just a shock for him. Nevertheless, he did not fold himself and did not drive with fanatical stubbornness, hoping for a miracle that Germany would still leave the war. In order to end the war, however, forced him to confuse the circumstances: in the battle of Ipre, on the night of October 14, Hitler fell under the umbrella gas bowls. A few hours later he almost landed, feeling the greatest agony and pain in his eyes, and of course he was sent to Lazare. On this rise he met the news of the end of the war and the fall of the monarchy. On November 10th, the Lazarean priest said the wounding happened in Germany, the republic was preserved, the republic was established and a truce was signed. Officer of the General Staff of Germany Heinz Guderian wrote in November 1918 to his wife from Munich: "No more than our beautiful Hermann Empire .. ScoNrels glue everything into the ground. All concepts of justice and order, debt and decency seem to be destroyed. I am sorry only that I don't have a civilian dress here, so as not to show the crowd, to create the form that I have worn in honor of the twelve years. "

The war ended in defeat. Together with her it came to an end that the time of the time during which Adolf Hitler remained a man, although politically oriented, but not personally sought out political games. The defeat of Germany crystallized in it - small, nonsensical, but basically a very mean little man - these characteristics and aspirations that made him Fuhrer led the most famous totalitarian state in the world. However, it wouldn't be so important not to give him the destiny of the conditions in which he could use these functions to apply and call himself.

Do not be allies who were so afraid of the intensified war, they are not striving, they are neutralizing Germany, that they are neutralizing Germany, most likely nothing would have happened. There would be no chain of political crises that led to the authorities of Hitler, nor the "black Reichsber" nor the Second World War. However, the members of the Entente, who set the demands on the losing side, bowed with a stick with a stick and turned the opposites of reparations and partial demilitarization in the form of reparations and partial demilitarization into the shameful execution. Germany, and without this exhausted war, was robbed. The inconsistency of the operating volume and its determination produced hyperinflation. The sharp, literally simple, closure of military factories, the reduction of the army and fleet that injected into this market, which was unprepared for this market for unemployment to surpass all possible limits. Announcements, "I'm looking for a job of any kind," has become common in a criminogenic environment that is exacerbated by action. This is understandable, however: on the streets there were hundreds of thousands of embittered healthy men with almost no livelihood, and capable of holding guns in their hands professionally. The country is quite recently strong and rich, turned out to be in poverty and lawlessness. Territorial losses added strength to nationalist sentiments that were soon reborn in hatred of all "not the Germans. Instead of a safe, grueling land, the backyard of Europe, the allies left the weak, but really leuting the enemy who was waiting for his hour."

After that, to break through that period, Germany lacked very little - the force capable of taking power and achieving the goal - vengeance. This is this situation and immersed with Adolf Hitler's head - the retired corner with two stripes "wounds", twice as much cavalier of the iron cross, the holder of the diploma "for courage in the face of the enemy", man, not too lucky, tempered and hot persistent, talented the artist and a good hearing that his eyes have on the world. In the world that he didn't like at all. The war left a deep mark on his life. She finally gave him the goal to which he was conspicuous all along. After the defeat in Germany, Hitler returned to Munich. Hurrying from the revolution in Germany and the rise of the Weimar Republic, he appealed to political activity to simultaneously confront the Versailles Agreement of 1919 and the new German democracy. Since he was still listed in his old regiment, he was instructed to spy on political parties.


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Adolf Hitler. In the twentieth century, this name became synonymous with cruelty and inhumanity - people who witnessed the horrors of concentration camps, seeing the war with their own eyes, knowing whom. But the story gradually goes into the past, and now there are those who consider him their hero, creating a halo of the "romantic" fighter for freedom. It seems to be - how can the winners of fascism be in the side of the vanquished? Despite the descendants who fought with Hitler and those killed by his army, there are those who today, April 20, celebrate Fuhler's birthday as their holiday.

Still on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory, in 2005, some documents researched, found and published by Adolf Hitler, diaries and memories of the people around him, found several blows to the portrait of the dictator.

People shouldn't know who I am from the family I am from!

In Germany, Hitler's sister diary was found - Paula. Describing the earliest memories of your childhood, when she was around eight and Adolf is 15 years old, Paula writes, "I feel my brother's hard hand on my face." New information about Powle himself appeared - only an innocent victim was originally considered, but as it turned out, the Fuhrera's sister was engaged in euthanasia with one of the scariest doctors of the Holocaust. The researchers have reached the Russian interrogation logs, of which Paula Hitler was involved in Erwin Yekelius, who was responsible for the murder of 4 thousand people in a gas chamber during the war years. Weddings didn't happen just because Adolf banned them, and after a while, Yekhelius was actually tried in captivity by the Russian army.

Historians also found memoirs co-written by Hitler's collaborative brother, von Aloger, and a consolidated sister, von Engel. In one of the passages the cruelty of Hitler's father was described and also called Alois, and how Adolf's mother tried to protect her son from constant beatings: "Fearing that his father could no longer hold back his unbridled anger, decided she is no longer able to end this torture. She closes the attic and closes Adolf with his body, but cannot avoid the father's next strike. Unfortunately, she suffers from it. "

25 tablets per day + injections \ u003d perfect dictator

It is known that Hitler worked hard for his health.His personal doctor was Professor Morel, a famous Berlin venereologist, is one of the few people who trust the dictator. According to eyewitnesses, Morel had an almost hypnotic influence on the Fuhrera, and his patient was very satisfied with the work of the Lübe Medica.

There is information that Hitler traded over 25 different tablets per day. Morel kept giving him anesthetic and tight injections, first if necessary, then for prevention, and after a while the injections became a compulsory part of life.

The guide, concerned with his appearance, was constantly taking pills for weight loss, followed by everyone.
"Care" about health really became mania - even the vegetables that Hitler fed were grown on special plots. It was free of bacteria, fertilized, especially clean manure from especially clean animals. Everything was carefully examined - the dictator was afraid that it could be poisoned.

By exploring all of these "precautionary measures", according to war doctors, they came to the conclusion that Hitler's organism was four to five years old for the year.

It is likely that new facts in the biography of Adolf will appear soon. On the eve of Hitler's birthday, Germany announced its approval to create publicly available Holocaust archives. These documents contain data on the fate of more than 17 million victims of Nazism.

So far, this information could only be used by employees of the International Red Cross, it has helped people look to relatives who were missing during the war. Now the declassified archive will be available to scientists and former concentration camps.

Perhaps this data can still open their eyes to those who dare to create his cult.

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