Guinea pigs are cozy pets

Are guinea pigs cuddly toys?

Are you looking for a cuddly toy and would like to give yourself or your children guinea pigs as a present? Our article tells you what you should pay attention to in this context.

The cuddly little guinea pigs seem like the ideal pets for children. Not only do they indulge in the daily petting, they are also active during the day - so they don't oversleep most of the day and don't have to be banned from the nursery at night either. Nevertheless, the same applies to guinea pigs - as to all other pets: Living beings are not cuddly toysthat you can grab and cuddle at will. Guinea pigs are very grumpy if you carry them around and cuddle them all the time. Stroking and playing is allowed in moderation, but guinea pigs prefer to spend their time with their fellow animals.

Guinea pigs are not cuddly toys for young children

Young children in particular should only be among them parental supervision to play with their guinea pigs. Unlike dogs or cats, the small rodent can hardly defend itself against too rough treatment. That's why many guinea pigs take it again and again seriously harmif they are accidentally touched too hard by a child.

Children must learn to approach the guinea pigs carefully so as not to frighten them unnecessarily and panic them. That means: Slow and by no means jerky movements. In this context, teach your children that guinea pigs also need their rest and are not permanently available as cuddly toys. The respectful interaction you should learn about rodents in good time so that the new pet feels comfortable in its new home.

It is ideal if the Cage not on the floor, but is placed slightly higher. The children automatically show more consideration for the animals in the enclosure when they play, and the risk of something accidentally falling into the cage is minimized. On the other hand, the animals are not constantly disturbed by approaching steps.

Guinea pigs don't want to cuddle or cuddle

But even as an adult, you should refrain from cuddling with guinea pigs. Do not lift the animals out of the cage more often than necessary, because guinea pigs are typical escape animals. Reaching for them from above as soon as you grab the guinea pig reminds the rodents more of a bird of prey and thus of an attack. The animals react logically with fear and stress. Even if the guinea pigs often behave calmly and allow themselves to be released without any effort, this is not a sign of relaxation. Guinea pigs fall into a kind Paralyzed fear or shock. With this protective mechanism, the guinea pig shows that it is under stress and not that it is enjoying being cuddled or being lifted.

Even if the rodents should be kept in groups and therefore species-appropriate, the animals do not tend to groom each other or to cuddle with each other. Especially in large cages, one can not observe mutual cuddling of the guinea pigs, except for scared or young animals. This also explains why the guinea pigs are not cuddly toys for humans. Guinea pigs often stick with the so-called conspecifics Turn up your head at a distance. So if the animal tries - especially at the beginning of the posture - to bump your hand or that of your children with its head, then that means: I want my peace and quiet from you!

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