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Vietnam Costs & Prices: This is how much you pay for a 4 week vacation in Vietnam

Vietnam is the purest Mecca if you are looking for a cheap travel destination and want to get a lot for your money at the same time!

We traveled through the country ourselves for a whole month, were repeatedly surprised by the incredibly low prices and have now documented the exact costs for you in this article.

In addition, we will briefly go into the currency in Vietnam and at the end reveal a few useful savings tips that make the cheap country even cheaper.

Further contributions for your Vietnam trip:

Vietnam currency & withdraw money

The currency in Vietnam is the so-called dong, or VND for short. Since the dong is a very high currency, you will become a millionaire the first time you exchange or withdraw money.

The current exchange rate: 1 € = approx. 28,000 VND (as of March 2018)

The currency is also divided into the following banknotes. There are no more coins.

  • Small banknotes: 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 VND
  • Large banknotes: 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000 VND

Converting € to VND is not that easy at first and is very confusing. But over time you get used to it relatively quickly. In addition, we always have a currency converter installed on our smartphone so that we can quickly recalculate larger amounts.

By the way, you can withdraw money in Vietnam on almost every corner and many accommodations also accept credit cards. The only place on our trip where there was no ATM was Bai Xep Beach in Quy Nhon.

Vietnamese banks do not charge foreign fees at most ATMs and if they do, it will be displayed before the withdrawal. Usually the sum is around 20,000 VND (around € 0.70), which is absolutely manageable.

However, you can only get “small” sums out of an ATM per withdrawal and therefore have to insert your card more often if you need more money. The maximum per withdrawal is usually VND 3,000,000 (approx. € 107).

In order to always stay fluent during our travels, we also use these two travel credit cards:

We can withdraw money worldwide free of charge with both cards. You can read all further information about the two credit cards here: The best credit card for Vietnam: withdraw money for free in Vietnam & save (2021)

Travel expenses & prices for Vietnam

Now we come to the individual costs! In 6 different categories we have exactly listed all the expenses of our Vietnam trip for you. All prices refer to the two of us together and not per person.

Our costs for flights to Vietnam

Since we flew from Thailand to Vietnam and then from Vietnam to Malaysia, the flights were relatively cheap for us.

But even if you travel to Vietnam from Germany, you can often find real bargains. There are return flights with a stopover from large German cities for less than € 500 and direct flights from Frankfurt from around € 600.

We always search for and book our flights via Skyscanner *.

  • Flight from Bangkok to HCMC: 92 €
  • Flight from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur: € 145.46

Total flight costs: approx. € 237.46

Accommodation costs

Accommodation in Vietnam is really dirt cheap! Often you can get a bed in a dormitory or a very simple double room for less than 10 € a night. If you are ready to spend a little "more", you can expect really nice accommodations from 15 €!

We have booked all accommodations through * at the following prices. Since we were out in the off-season, the prices can rise a little in the high season.

Total accommodation cost in Vietnam for two people: 491 €

Reading tip: In this post we present all the accommodations on our Vietnam trip in more detail: Hotels in Vietnam - Our accommodations, recommendations and tips

Travel expenses in Vietnam for eating, drinking & groceries

Eating and drinking is even cheaper than accommodation in Vietnam. For four weeks we really let it go and feasted our way through countless food stalls, restaurants, cafes and bars. We paid for it in the end: nothing. So almost nothing!

On the other hand, we only went to supermarkets if we had bought water or small snacks. We never cooked ourselves in Vietnam.

  • Street food, restaurants, cafes, bars: € 244
  • Shopping in the supermarket, etc. € 30.75

Total food and drink costs: € 274.75

Vietnam costs for sightseeing, activities & tours

After we were able to save a lot on accommodation and food, we knocked the money on the head with sightseeing and various tours.

In general, we have to say that the entrance fee for some sights is absolutely overpriced and you sometimes pay 5-10 times the price compared to the locals.

But the costs for some tours are also quite tough. For our two-day boat tour to Halong Bay, we put around € 210 on the table and our private tour to the demilitarized zone was not exactly a bargain at around € 76. But both were worth it!

  • Tickets (museums, sights, national parks, etc.): € 73.84
  • Tours (DMZ Tour, Trang An Boottour, Halong Bay, etc.): € 350.91

Total costs for sightseeing, activities & tours: € 424.75

Transport costs in Vietnam

Getting from A to B is not overly cheap in Vietnam, but it is also not mega expensive. We would put it roughly on par with Thailand or Malaysia in terms of prices.

We have always connected the individual places with each other by bus and train and booked through 12go.Asia * or Baolao *. On site we switched to bicycles, rented a scooter or unfortunately called a taxi or grave too often due to bad weather.

  • Bus tickets: € 88.64
  • Speedboat & ferry: € 44
  • Train tickets: € 104.30
  • Taxi & Grab: € 50.75
  • Hotel transfer Hoi An: € 21.20
  • Hotel transfer to Quy Nonh: € 21.20
  • Scooter (+ gasoline) & bike: € 18.10

Total cost of transportation in Vietnam: € 348.20

Other travel expenses in Vietnam

Apart from our visa costs, hardly any other expenses were incurred. Marco went to the hairdresser's, for example, we had our laundry washed often and of course postcards to the family shouldn't be missing.

  • Hairdresser: € 2.13
  • Laundry: € 11.08
  • Postcards & stamps € 1.38
  • Shopping: € 6.03
  • Tip: € 3.55
  • Visa costs: € 88.67

All other expenses in Vietnam: € 112.84

Total costs for 4 weeks vacation in Vietnam

You have probably already noticed while reading: Vietnam is a really cheap travel destination. If not one of the cheapest countries in the world.

Plus, we didn't turn over every penny twice during our trip. Especially with sightseeing, tours, transport and accommodation, you can certainly save a slightly larger amount. But you should add a few euros if you fly to Vietnam from Germany.

  • Flights: € 237.46
  • Overnight stays: € 491
  • Food & drink: € 274.75
  • Sightseeing & tours: € 424.75
  • Transport: € 348.20
  • Other expenses: € 112.84

  • Total amount for two people: € 1,889.00
  • Average spend per day: € 62.97
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