What's your nephew's name?

Translation of "your nephew" in English

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It's a shame that your nephew will no longer see it.
Sad that your nephew won't be around to share it with you.
Thinks your nephew for example, his victories give him the right to disregard what ...?
Does this nephew of yours consider that his conquests give him a right to override ...?
And I am your nephew Tony from Brooklyn.
Don't say he is your nephew.
And he casually mentioned that Peter your nephew is.
Hazel, your nephew gave all his money to a UFO club.
Nolan is my grandson your nephew.
I don't think he is your nephew can be.
Actually he isn't your nephew.
You and your nephew please leave him alone.
My brother, well your nephew, has been cursed.
Uncle Cal, I ... I am your nephew...
Khadija said to him: Cousin, hear something your nephew (Mohammed) has to tell you.
Khadija told him: 'Cousin, listen to what your nephew (Muhammad) wants to tell you '.
It's your fault your nephew almost bled to death.
And so it's all your fault that your nephew nearly bled to death!
Sounds like it to me your nephew wants your brother's attention.
You know, it sounds to me like your nephew's just trying to get your brother's attention.
He says, your nephew spreads in his territory.
If you don't want that your nephew is blessed by his ancestors and you don't mind that he falls victim to evil ...
If you don't want your nephew to be blessed by his ancestors and you don't mind him falling prey to evil ...
We checked that your nephew and me.
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