How do I eliminate clickbait on Facebook

4 recipes that will help you create great content - and finally get the attention you deserve

Nobody cares what your budgie is called.

But everyone knows the Nessi or the Yeti.

One is huge and lives deep in a lake.

The other is terrifying and lives on top of the world.

And that also easily explains the interests of the people:

You are outstanding.

This golden rule is your grave:

"Create good content on a regular basis".

We follow this mantra faithfully; like Piggeldy Frederick.

You invest a lot of time and energy. Give your audience valuable content every week. And hurray!

It works:

Two new subscribers every week.

A good strategy when you have 300 years to spare.

It's frustrating for everyone else. - Especially when the competition passes you by with a single item.

The truth is: not all content is created equal.

There is content that is great at feeding your existing audience.

And there is content that will keep your audience growing.

You can regularly create "good" content and still make slow progress. It's the outstanding content that is seen far and wide.

They bring you the attention you need to grow your audience as fast as the line in front of the ATM after the Brexit adoption.

Outstanding is the new regular.

The simple trick that will propel you forward

The best:

You don't have to be great yourself to create great content.

What do you have to do instead?

Publish less often.

Give yourself more time for your content.

(Like Walter, who took a year to write this article.)

You use this time to go further:

Find something that no one has done in this form before.

This saves you cash. Why?

Because you'll never again waste money on desperate Facebook ads.

You save time.

Great content brings you audiences from a lot of mediocre content.

But it takes courage.

That's why I have something here for you:

4 recipes for great content that are guaranteed to work!

Forget "mediocre".

Better do this here:

Recipe 1: the monster method




You are so impressive with the Monster Method that it just HAS to be looked at.

There are three ways to create this monster:

1. Bigger is better

Be so tall that you tower above them all.

If others compare 20 WordPress themes, each with a superficial comment, then you are the person who works with every single theme and creates a real experience report from it.

Your competition publishes the 10 best keto recipe collections?

So what? Make it bigger:

Find the 100 best keto recipes collections and create an article from them.


40+ German Blogs You Should Read

99 life wisdoms that will make you great

2. Do something crazy

Bring Hollywood tech into your niche.

Say: Mix two things that have never been mixed together.

Strictly speaking, you cannot invent anything “new”.

You can only bring two things together that no one has brought together before.

This is called creativity.

Recipe 2: hang on to a trend

Connect your topic to something everyone is talking about right now.

There are 3 trend levels:

1. Global, general trends

Examples of global trend topics:

  • The Covid19 disaster. It couldn't be more global - everyone is talking about it.
  • The diet in the western world. We have to eat healthier or life expectancy will drop to the level of Luther's time.
  • The information overload. If you don't want to end up as a brain-soaked zombie, you have to reduce your media consumption.
  • Home office. Suddenly a large part of the working population is confronted with it.

2. Market segment trends

Think about how these general trends will affect your market segment.

Examples of different market segment trends:

  • For the health and nutrition market: Eat a healthy diet and don't give the virus a chance!
  • For the online marketing segment: Help! Online advertising is getting more and more expensive - how to get your target group's attention again!
  • For the office market: tools for your home office.

3. Niche-specific trends

Examples of niche trends:

  • The ketogenic diet niche: Don't give corona a chance by eliminating the foci of inflammation in your body with a healthy keto diet
  • The working moms niche: Six life-saving tips on how to combine home office and home schooling in the same household
  • Productivity for Entrepreneurs Niche: Four Simple Steps to Get Your Brain Back to Focused Work

Global, market or niche trends? Which are the best for your audience to grow?

The more general the trend, the wider the audience.

The danger is that your offer is not very relevant for a large part of the audience.

When it comes to niche-specific trends, you're super relevant to your audience.

But you can only reach a few outside of your already existing circle.

So what's the best option?

Focus on the market segment trends.

Here you have a relatively broad target group and you can reach people who are in your market segment, for example, are interested in health and nutrition, but are not yet in your “ketogenic diet” niche.

This is how you can always find the latest trends:

To put it in one sentence:

Use your content to continue the conversation that is already taking place in your reader's mind.

Recipe 3: the staining method

This method is a classic and has long been used by smart content marketers:

Interview or collaborate with others who

  • Have fans and followers
  • Are experts or authorities in their field
  • Represent a trend

Of course, the big guys get a lot of such requests and don't wait to give you their precious time.

It works best if you start smaller:

Find collaborations with people who are a step above you.

Then you work your way up level by level - until you reach the star in your niche.

The loan abbreviation for the Abfärbe-Methode

Borrow a famous name and create your content to do so:

“The 10 best productivity tips from Jeff Bezos” or “Recreate Tai Lopez's landing page in 30 minutes”.

Like Walter here:

30 writing tips from Stephen King

7 secrets behind Elon Musk's success

Recipe 4: the super fan method

The super fan is right in front of the stage.

Some of the stage light falls on him.

Perhaps the star will even notice him and bring him on stage for a moment.

The first step in a relationship has been taken.

But that's just a good side benefit.

The super fan method is perfect for beginners:

Be the person who implements everything the guru teaches.

Most of them do little or nothing.

How can you do better

Here are 3 types of Super Fan Content:

1. Perform a challenge

Do you want to write faster?

Document how you implement everything and share the result with your audience.

Or do you want to become a Youtuber?

A typical headline for this type of content is:

“I posted a video for 60 days in a row. Find out here how it has helped me and my business ”.

For an entire year, Julie Powell re-cooked every recipe from Julia Child’s famous cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (all 524).

She was able to blog about her experience and write a book.

In the end it was even made into a film.

You see such headlines permanently on Youtube and they work:

“I trained like Bruce Lee for 30 days. That's how I changed. "

“I tried Pamela Reif's diet for 30 days. That happened."

2. Disassemble, analyze and reassemble

Analyze and dissect your star's work.

Add your own insights and create an easy-to-use guide that is tailored to your audience.

3. Take a big topic instead of a single person

An example:

Read the 10 personal finance bestsellers, apply what you've learned and use them to create your own system.

Attention danger!

Don't get lured into the swamp of clickbait hell when writing headlines!

In everything you create, always focus on how you can best help your audience.

Are you just supposed to be creating great content now?

No - of course you can also write bad texts.

But if you're serious about building an audience this decade, you need more of it.

Your next steps:

  1. Write down any ideas you have in mind for great content.
  2. Order the ideas by assessing how much effort it will take you to implement them. Use the quadrant thing to do this.
  3. Choose the idea as far left as possible and get started:

About the author:

Rita Späni is a web designer and loves online marketing. At she helps self-employed and affiliate marketers to become visible online with their true values. In their mini-course, you will learn how to create a website that will bring you customers without a technology headache.

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