Have you ever declined an inheritance Why

Foster debts without any notice of death.

Hello lawyer,

I hope there is still no thread on this topic. But should also be too specific.
About the topic:

My mother's mother passed away. Owing to very In poor circumstances there was little or no contact, which meant that it was not possible to notify neighbors or the like about the death. We have not received any notification from the state, but the nursing home is now collecting debts on two out of four children. My mother is one of those four children. It would be too much to describe the entire case, but what I can say is that we are going to court.

I now come to my real question:
Is it possible to claim debts from "heirs" without ever being notified of the death in writing?
"Heirs" in quotation marks, as we are also reproached that we have not surrendered the inheritance within a certain period of time?

Like the one without notification?

The reason for this thread is my confusion that one should have assumed heir without notification because one did not refuse. Any confusion in this context should be understandable. It is also important to mention that we were only informed about debts by the nursing home. Only one complaint came from the state because we did not pay the amount or objected to it.

I hope somebody can help me. My mother will never be able to pay this money because of the mental and physical illnesses caused by this mother. Due to her previous history, she was even able to change her entire name and had successfully completed her therapy. & lpar; Attested, total costs for the name change € 20 for clarification & rpar;

In theory, could one write out a certificate for such things? Will we have to pay, will therapy or worse have to be resumed ...

Thanks in advance & excl;

With kind regards
Mr Schiller