Which BTS member is Jungkook close to?

BTS: 16 Facts About V!

BTS is the most popular male K-pop band ever! The guys have a huge fan base, their hits immediately rush to the top spot and there is no stopping their fans when they perform.

The Korean K-Pop band "Bangtan Boys" or "BTS" has celebrated a huge success in recent years. With songs like “Fire” or “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, the guys quickly conquered the worldwide charts and teenagers' hearts. The seven have been together since 2013 - but who are the individual members? KUKKSI has put together a fact check on BTS- "V" for you!

Did you know about V?

  • "V" is actually called Kim Tae-hyung. On Stage, almost all members have a different name. But with the abbreviation the fans can remember the name better!
  • The stage name "V" stands for the English word "Victory" (victory).
  • V has played the saxophone for four years since the seventh grade.
  • All "BTS" members believe that V is the craziest of them all and is always up for fun.
  • His face is a little expressionless at times. That is why he got the nickname "Blank Tae" (Empty Tae).
  • Tae is a short form of his first name.
  • V’s role model is his father. How sweet!
  • Because he's so close to his parents, he calls them at least once a day.
  • He is a real magnet for women and has the most fans of all BTS members.
  • The singer has a younger sister and a brother.
  • V is afraid of spiders, wasps and lizards - absolutely understandable!
  • He and BTS colleague Jimin were in the same class together.
  • For him there is only one great love and would like to marry his first girlfriend too.
  • V has never been in a serious relationship.
  • His childhood dream was to become a farmer.
  • He can speak Korean, Japanese and some English. Fun fact: Apart from RM, almost none of the group speaks good English.