What do you eat in the morning

According to the study: if you eat this for breakfast, you save 330 calories a day - without even realizing it

One woman feels her stomach is too fat, the next complains about her pronounced hips and another is dissatisfied with her wide buttocks - most ladies always have something to complain about their bodies. But one thing should be said in advance: Every body is beautifulwhether fat or thin, with or without cellulite, with small or lush breasts and a flat or rounded belly. But of course we can understand it if you look want to feel good in their own skin and if for it one or the other extra kilo should tumble, then that's fine too. However, you don't have to change your whole diet to do this and only nibble on celery sticks and sweat every day with hard workouts. It's also a lot easier. All you have to do is bet on the right breakfast.

If you eat this in the morning, you will save calories

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when it comes to weight loss, it can do a lot. Oatmeal, for example, is the ideal dish to start the day full of energy and to stay full for a long time, to keep the blood sugar level at a constant level and thus to prevent food cravings. But a study from Saint Louis Universitycould now prove that Another food is at least as effective in the fight against the pounds. We are talking about eggs. For the study, researchers formed two groups of overweight people and observed them for eight weeks. Half should eat two eggs every morning, while the second half ate a bagel with the same number of calories. Both groups should have this breakfast at least five days a week and eat a low-fat and healthy diet. According to the period a 60 percent greater weight loss was recorded in the people who took the egg dish in the morning and spread over the day the study participants saved an average of 330 calories. No wonder then that the pounds began to tumble.

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Because in order to be able to lose weight effectively, one rule must be observed above all: Consume more calories than you eat. So by feasting on a dish of eggs every morning, you can make this rule a lot easier to follow. reason for that is the high percentage of proteinswhich have a very similar effect on the body as long-chain carbohydrates. Protein also saturates for a particularly long time and prevents insulin from being released in large quantities and so the blood sugar level goes on a roller coaster. Because of the lack of food cravings, you can do this very easily Save calories without even realizing it. But that's not all: Consuming this food releases the hormone adinopectinwhich - in short - effectively boosts fat metabolism. If that is not a good reason to bring more variety to the table in the morning and no longer just rely on porridge, but also enjoy a fresh scrambled egg or omelette with vegetables, to finally say goodbye to the extra kilos on the stomach, hips and buttocks

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