How do I market conference rooms

We would like to work with you on a successful restart in the event business after lockdown and event bans. How can the restart in the marketing of your event rooms succeed?
Show presence: complete location profile with prices and pictures of all event rooms
Restore trust: aggressively publish hygiene and safety measures
Breaking new ground together: building up know-how and technical requirements for hybrid events and communicating offers

Our webinar series on everything to do with MICE marketing for conference hotels and locations will help you survive on the market: Get to know the future of the conference market, get up to date on content marketing in the conference market and / or let yourself go be inspired by innovative product development in the conference area.

Do you already use all of our booking options for event rooms? Today we would like to introduce the request-to-book option in more detail. Even without entering availabilities, you can receive automated bookings for events with up to 40 participants via request-to-book.

Events that are designed as pure front-line sound or one-way street communication are becoming rarer. And what's more, these event formats are very easy to convert into digital conference formats. So that a conference really incorporates the knowledge and experience of the participants, the event planners are making new demands on locations and conference rooms.

The rapid developments in the event market require good training and further education concepts. For everyone involved. This list is intended to support the training schedule for specialists and executives from conference hotels and locations. Which topics should you deal with, where can you find up-to-date and well-founded knowledge?

Our training program 2021: Current training courses and webinars support event planners, conference hotels, event locations & MICE providers in further training on current topics in the industry.

The professionalism of the offer and the associated clarity and comprehensibility are just as crucial as the content and of course the general suitability of the location. Unfortunately, the typical offer process in most conference hotels has changed little over the past few years or even decades.

Dynamic prices that adapt to the demand situation create many advantages. They improve the profitability of a provider, because in times of high demand, higher prices increase profits. And the times of weaker demand can achieve better utilization through attractive offers. Only a few individual hotels also deal with revenue management strategies in the conference market.

Good customer relationships, like good private relationships, need to be well maintained. Ideally with a good plan in which the goals of the customer relationship are defined and the measures are described. Social networks such as XING, LinkedIn or Facebook offer good opportunities for successful relationship management. There are two reasons for this: You can learn a lot about the prospect or customer and you can let yourself and your company be heard in an unobtrusive way and build your own expert status.

The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed the way people treat one another. This applies to both private and professional life. To combat the spread of the virus, offers all conference hotels and locations the free option of integrating safety and hygiene requirements.

Online meeting tools and experience in using such tools create an additional service option for conference hotels and locations so that customers can use them for virtual or hybrid meetings. Here are 10 requirements that should be considered before purchasing.

Many conference hotels or locations also try to utilize the times when there is less demand with self-organized events. This includes the Sunday brunch as well as the asparagus buffet, the barbecue evening by the campfire or the “We-Frame Webinar” for trainers and seminar leaders.

Even in the post-Corona period, the topic of sustainability in the event and conference industry will continue to be important. This is also because many clients have defined clear guidelines and specifications in their event departments with regard to the sustainable requirements for the implementation of events and conferences and implement these when deciding on a sustainable location and / or hotel when planning the event.

Crisis marketing for business events: Learn how to recognize new requirements and develop new offers for your conference customers. The basic function of marketing is to recognize the needs of your own target market, to develop a suitable product for it, in order to then let the potential customers know about it in communication and distribution.

There are good reasons to make the conference catering more “sustainable”. Firstly, it benefits the environment and the climate, secondly, careful handling of food is essential and thirdly, more and more customers and guests expect a clear statement on climate protection.