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Quora: what it is and how it works

If you browse the Internet frequently, you've probably heard at least once about Quora, a question-and-answer social network that is somewhat reminiscent of the historic Yahoo Answer service. Haven't heard of Quora, but want to know more about this social network, especially since it arrived in Italy? Okay, I'll find out right away - everything you need to know about Quora is in my guide.

Before you know how Quora works and get into the operation of the service you need to know first through my step-by-step tutorial What is Quora?. Originally founded in English in 2009, Quora is a social networking platform that aims to share information in order to expand knowledge in the world. After a beta phase, a version is now officially available. in Italian Quora, through which you can ask questions and request answers on any topic. A platform that in a way represents the development of historical themed forums.

Quora is very easy and intuitive to use, and the service is also available for mobile phones and tablets through the dedicated application. How about a detailed look at the topic? Yes? Very good! So let's not get lost in chat anymore. Let's see together how you can use Quora to ask questions and answer existing ones. Don't worry if you don't know about this social network. I will explain everything in a simple and detailed way. I am sure that in a short time you will learn to use it and it will be very useful. Are you ready to go As always, I wish you a good read.

Quora: how do I register?

Using Quora is very simple and you need to sign up for it first. Italian version from the service. To do this, go to your homepage. You can register through your account on Google o Facebook or alternatively enter a an email different to register for the service.

If you want to register through a social network, you need to press the button Proceed with google (Registration via Google Email) or Continue with Facebook (to register using the email you use to log in to Facebook). Alternatively, you can touch the element Proceed with the email. In this case, you will need to fill in the appropriate text fields that will appear on the screen to provide your details: First name, apellido, e-mail it password and then you have to click the button according to the wording I am not a robot. Once that's done, click to register to accept the terms of use and to confirm registration for the Italian version of Quora.

Once registered, you will first be asked to indicate some of your main interests so that the flow of questions and answers is properly adjusted. Then indicate your interests by selecting at least 10 topics from those suggested and pressing the button consequences when you're done

The next step is to indicate what topics you know about. in the text field Find a topicEnter your fields of study, hobbies or skills, or in general those that are your areas of interest for which you have knowledge or experience. Then keep pressing the button consequences.

You will now be asked if you would like to link your Facebook profile to Quora so that you can read your friends' questions or answers. Choose whether you want to agree to this request by clicking the button consequences or if click Not nowto skip this step. This will ensure that you have successfully signed into Quora and that you can explore this social question and answer network.

Quora: how does it work?

Quora's user interface is very linear and intuitive, and somewhat similar to that of the historic Yahoo Answer service. Now let's take a look at some of the most important Quora tools and then take a closer look at how questions and answers work.

You can read yours on the main page Lining, This is a flow of questions and answers that match your interests as indicated in the registration phase. To customize the feed you can use the menu on the left.

By clicking the button to edit You can add more interesting topics by clicking the button New questions You can read the questions recently entered by users by clicking Favorite answer button You will find all the answers that you rate positively.

Quora's other main tools are visible in the top bar: the button Read (Symbol for a newspaper ) refers to the section of the feed I told you about, the button answer (Symbol for a Sheet of paper with a pencil ) allows you to read some questions that you can answer depending on the interests indicated.

Quora users can also ask you directly to answer a question. These types of requests are shown in the section Response requests, visible in the sidebar. Other useful tools are the answerthen, Section that allows you to save a question that needs to be answered later and input Draftsto consult for written answers, but not yet finalized.

All platform notifications will be displayed in the section Notifications (Symbol of a bell), a bit like in any other social network.

Eventually the little man symbol with your name refers to the section dedicated to your profile, through which you can customize the details of your registration for the service. Click on it: you will see a drop-down menu marked by various items that I would like to tell you about in detail.

section profileFirst, you can access your full profile on Quora. You can add detailed information about yourself and share your qualifications, education, training and skills with other users. The more detailed your profile is and the more you answer Quora questions about your interests, the more influential you can be.

As with other social networks, Quora also allows users to send direct messages to one another. If you want to receive them, you can view them in the Messages section. To write a new message, just press the button Compose.

Your question and answer history is included in this section Your content - You can find all questions and answers broken down by year or topic. For the lovers of the numbers, the section is not missing statistics ;; By answering user questions or questions about Quora, you can find out in detail how many people are viewing your content.

Don't forget to check out the section Configurations, through which you can connect the accounts of other popular social networks ( Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin ) as well as managing the receipt of emails and notifications.

To find a question or do something on Quora, return to the main menu by clicking Read. Now all you have to do is write your question in accordance with the article What do you want to ask? Once you have entered your question, you may be able to paste a link in the appropriate text box and possibly ask your question anonymously by placing the insertion mark Anonymous questions. To ask your question about Quora, click the Ask a Question button. The question you asked appears in the Quora feed. However, I recommend clicking on them to be able to customize and categorize them.

First click on the pencil icon to display the topic or topics related to your question: you have to search for it in the corresponding text field and then press Done to add them to the question. Once you have specified the topics, you will be offered some names of influencers in the relevant sector. If you click on that icon (+)In accordance with their names, you can send them a notification to report the question and ask for their answer.

Found a question that you think you can answer? No problem. Click that, I'll tell you right away what tools I have available to answer a question about Quora.

Once you see the question, click the button answer. This will open a small text editor that you can use to write the text of your answer. You can customize the answer by using the appropriate tools to format the text (B for bold, I for italic, and buttons for lists with bullets and numbers). You can also add links (button with a chain icon) and images (button with a photo icon). Before sending your reply, by clicking the Submit button, you can choose to share it on Facebook or Twitter by ticking the icon for the social network. The responses you send may be rated positively or negatively by other users. However, you can also assign a voice to other users: just press the button Positive vote O Negative rating.

Quora is also available as an application for mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. You can download it for free by connecting to your device's digital store (Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS) and typing in to download the application Quorums in the search engine. When you find the application, press the button Get / install on iOS and Install / Accept on Android. The operation of the application is identical to that of the web version of Quora.

Alternatively, see the links below to download the Quora app on Android and iOS.

  • Quorums - Download on Android from the PlayStore
  • Quorums - Download on iOS from the App Store