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IBM Austria is cutting up to 200 jobs

At IBM Austria there is apparently a major downsizing. One affected employee speaks of up to 200 jobs that would be canceled in January. The company did not deny this information upon request. Most recently, the company had around 740 employees in this country. In 2010 it was almost 1,800, according to the Economic Compass. Sales remained almost stable over this period at around EUR 400 million.

Little information

"Our personnel decisions are made in order to provide our customers with the best possible support on their way to the introduction of an open hybrid cloud platform and AI capability," said a company spokeswoman in response to an APA request. In any case, neither job cuts nor the number of the rumored 200 job cuts were not denied by the spokeswoman, even if she did not want to confirm the number or the time when asked. There was no official information from the US group, whose Austria branch is a 100 percent subsidiary of IBM Austria.

The spokeswoman preferred to emphasize that the group wanted to "reinvest in our business". "We will continue to make significant investments in the education and training of IBMers 'skills to better serve our customers' needs."


"Up to 200 employees are affected and this week learned of their termination," said the person concerned to the APA. "It's called restructuring." The step was announced yesterday, Thursday, in an online conference.

In an email from IBM, which, according to the information provided by one employee concerned, was sent to all concerned, it literally states: "We regret to inform you that your job has been affected by the economically necessary operational restructuring and will therefore no longer exist." The employment relationship will be terminated in compliance with all deadlines. "In accordance with the provisions of the social plan that was launched and announced in mid-December, we also offer you to terminate the employment relationship (...) amicably on the terms of the social plan." Benefits from the social plan are only available through mutual dissolution.

IBM Austria is based in Vienna in the Leopoldstadt district. There are further branches in Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt and Wattens (Tyrol). (APA, January 16, 2021)