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An extremely easy-to-use grocery delivery app like UberEats Clone for your customers. Kick Start your grocery ordering business with Deliware's UberEats Like app.

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UberEats Clone - 100% customizable grocery delivery app

UberEats Clone - Deliware is an on-demand Ubereats clone or pre-made grocery delivery app that will boost your grocery business and fill your restaurant with online grocery orders. Deliware is a food delivery suite with mobile applications on Android and IOS platforms, a restaurant app and a system for aggregating food that offers standard functions as well as highly innovative and advanced functions. We have created a 100% white label app for the restaurant owner and for your valued customers. We are also building a powerful portal for you and restaurant owners to manage their activities, menus, orders, delivery, payments and much more. We offer you the well-organized solution to start your online grocery delivery business. Well-developed solution with advanced panels and state-of-the-art functionality to adapt to the current situation.

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Contact Less Payment

Contactless eating was implemented by DeliWare taking into account all preventive measures during the outbreak of the pandemic. The concept of contactless eating is introduced in DeliWare Food Delivery Clone to ensure the greatest possible security for customers. Our food delivery clone has complemented contactless eating with the online grocery delivery service that is seldom found in other online grocery delivery script services.

The theme of contactless eating is chosen by the restaurants where customers can order and enjoy the food without human element. Customers have to enter the restaurant. When they arrive at the restaurant, they go to his assigned table and scan the QR code. When the code is scanned, the menu is displayed on his screen, from where he can order and make the payment. He can go to the kitchen, pick up his prepared order and enjoy his meal on the well-refurbished table. Therefore DeliWare offers you a contactless hygiene experience without human interaction.

Companies that can use Deliware's UberEats clone

Unsurprisingly, 25 of all smartphone users have at least one restaurant-related application on their phone.

However, it is important to understand that there are different types of grocery delivery services and different types of businesses and organizations that need a grocery app for them.


Aggregators responsible for taking orders and connecting them to restaurants that offer delivery services themselves can find deliware to be an integral part of their business.

Users can compare prices, menus, and reviews for multiple restaurants and place their order right from your aggregator app. The app then sends the order to the relevant restaurant, where the food is made and then delivered.

Aggregator-type apps tend to spread over massive areas. Her focus is on networking customers with several restaurants, handling the order process, but handing over the delivery aspect to the actual restaurant business. That means they are made up of two main players, the consumer and the restaurant business.

Restaurant owners (single / multiple chains)

If, as a restaurant owner who owns one or more shops, you want to offer your personal service on-site without having to turn to the aggregators, you can use Deliware's white label cloning solution Ubereats to create your own restaurant app that suits your needs delicious menu presented. It is even more advantageous for a restaurant chain that can manage to have its own logistics. We can 100% customize this grocery delivery app based on your region and needs.

Features in Deliware's UberEats clone script

We strive to create something that doubles your revenue and attracts more foodies to your business, with an attractive UI / UX that will keep your customers coming back. It's time to develop on demand food delivery app for your business and soar with sales. Whatever your grocery business type, serve it hot wherever your customers are with our best Uber clone app delivery.

User registration

Customers can register by entering simple details and start using the mobile ordering app.

Select restaurant

Choose restaurants based on location, cuisine selection, timings and much more from a nice selection.

Order tracking

Let customers track orders in real time and receive notifications on order status.

List categories

Allow customers to choose from categories of restaurants based on ratings and other factors.

cancel order

Give customers the freedom to cancel the order until the order is picked up by the delivery agent.

Takeaway option

Full freedom for the customer to order and pay online and choose the offline takeaway option.

Discounts and Offers

Numerous discounts and offers can be built in for customers to always get the best deals.

Contactless eating

Contactless eating is the most important characteristic in the event of a pandemic outbreak. The contactless feed feature is more convenient to help boost business.


In order to collect first hand data from the users, you can create a strong profile to build a strong relationship with the user through social media.

Order warnings

The order posting needs to be integrated when the user places the order so the restaurant staff can get going and get the order done as soon as possible.

Customize your menu

Make any changes in the menu of your choice by adjusting your menu function in the Food app.

Order management

Track the number of orders received, the number of orders shipped and the number of orders on the way.

Payment management

Manage which payment is received via which medium, cash or card and whether the payment is made to the delivery boy, etc.

Customer details

Get the customer's contact details to confirm the order to get the location.

Track order history

Keep track of how many jobs have been completed, how many remain to be completed, etc.

Accept / reject orders

Enable this feature to accept or cancel the order based on availability / issues during busy times.

Login registration

Partner restaurants can log in through this platform to access and serve customers.

Manage business information

Have all the data on your screen so you can better manage and make informed decisions.

Manage menu

Partner restaurants can easily edit and add items or make changes to prices and quantities.

Order warnings

As soon as an order is placed, the restaurant receives a real-time notification to take action.

Manage orders

Let restaurants display and manage all orders: in-coming, under-process, planned or shipped.

Payment tracking

View all successful and pending payment details for better management of accounts and billing.

Customer details

Provide all relevant customer information for restaurants so they know their customers better.

Help & support

Restaurants are notified of topics and areas that they need to improve to stay ahead.

Create profile

The profile of the driver should be drawn up for his restaurant business with details like name, contact details, documents and payment details.

Receive an order

The driver should place the order, the customer's contact details, the location of the order, the quantity. received via the app.

Receiving location

The driver should get the customer's delivery location via GPS or Google Maps in order to get there on time and deliver the food as quickly as possible.

View order history

This feature allows the driver to view the number and type of jobs he has done on a particular day or week or month.

Receive multiple deliveries

The driver can also receive multiple orders at a single instance to save the time and effort involved in delivering an order at a nearby location.


The driver should be notified of a policy change, a change in the delivery location or the addition of a new delivery via the app.

Reasons to choose Deliware's Ubereats clone

All the functions of our product described above have been integrated into the apps developed by our company. If you have a little more to add, we have the ability to incorporate that too. We have both experience and expertise when it comes to developing and customizing apps for food delivery. We have performed services in nearly 30 countries and have a positive track of satisfied customers all over the world. Yes, you can place your trust in the development of our deliware app for food delivery and we will involve you with the fruitful outcome.

Never lose your customers again!

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3-step ordering for customers

Sito Web di ordini alimentari con menu Verifica, personalizza l’ordine e effettua il pagamento.

Build your brand

Offer promozionali e marketing tramite l’applicazione mobile con marchio con opzioni di condivisione social advanzate.

Make yourself available

Enable your customers to reach your restaurants and takeaways with a well-managed map instruction.

Manage customer inquiries

Define Hours, Products; Send emails according to the status of the orders. Customize delivery rules by post code & accuracy of orders.

Get Paid Online

Manage all of your operations with Online Orders & Payments. Add any number of payment options.