Where is fast food most popular

According to a recent representative study, Nordsee is the strongest brand among the fast food chains in Germany. McDonald's and Subway follow in the top 10 ranking carried out by SPLENDID RESEARCH in second and third place. The study also reveals that the focus on healthy products has given the Immergrün brand an outstanding image.

In August 2020, the Hamburg market research institute SPLENDID RESEARCH asked 1,514 Germans between 18 and 69 years online about fast food chains as part of a representative survey via its online panel www.befragmich.de. It was examined which brands are best known in this industry, what image they have and how high the probability of purchase / repurchase is.

The results show: The winner of the SPLENDID RESEARCH BRAND INDEX is the North Sea with a score of 61.8 (a maximum of 100 was possible). The fish specialist based in Bremerhaven not only has a very high level of awareness of 90.6 percent in the general German population, but also achieves a very good score of 68.3 in terms of the overall brand image. The brand image is made up of the scores of ten different attributes, with Nordsee primarily looking unique (65.6) and authentic (71.2) to the respondents - the respondents also attest to the brand's high quality (71.1).

Some distance behind in the overall ranking are McDonald's (58.0) and Subway (55.6) in second and third place. The US chain stores benefit less from their image than from their awareness: McDonald's has the highest awareness of all the brands surveyed with 95.9 percent. In terms of brand image, however, the burger giant is not even enough for a place in the top ten. The respondents identified the greatest deficits in terms of quality (54.5) and sustainability (46.5) - the only positive perception that consumers were above average was that the brand is developing further (65.5). Subway is in fourth place in terms of awareness with 90 percent, but thanks to the better image values ​​it can move up to third place in the overall ranking before Burger King.

Due to its low level of awareness at the moment (13.2 percent), the Immergrün brand does not make it into the top 10, but it shines with the best image of all the fast food chains in the ranking. "Immergrün serves an ever-growing target group with its product range geared towards healthy nutrition. A brand that today - as in this case - is perceived by consumers as extraordinarily unique and sustainable, is ideally equipped for the further expansion of the division. " says Norman habenicht, Head of Marketing & Communications at SPLENDID RESEARCH.

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