What are the best music recording programs

Free recording program: The best software to download for free

The best recording program to download for free? No problem! CHIP offers you recording programs with which you can easily record your desktop, games, videos and music. Our number 1? The freeware Audacity, a free recording studio for recording any audio files.

Highlights of our chart list are recorder tools such as Audacity, which is a real sound studio for the home, or the Open Broadcaster software, with which you can conveniently stream audio and video. Our number 3: the freeware oCam, with which you can easily take screenshots and videos from your desktop.

You can find an overview of the most popular recording programs in our download charts for the best software recorders.

Recording Programs: The Top Freeware

Number 1 Audacity: Powerful freeware for professionals and beginners

Need a recording studio? Then you should download Audacity as soon as possible. At first glance, the software may not seem particularly extensive, but everything you need to record and edit sounds is hidden in the slim user interface.

Audacity conveniently works with all common formats and can also process exotic file formats. With the recorder function, you can record and filter out background noises quickly and easily with various tools. Nothing stands in the way of the specially produced song.

Laptops for the recording studio: the top models

If you want to set up a recording studio or a streaming center at home, you need a powerful laptop. You can find our top models in the list of the best.

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