Which is the best Amex credit card

Which American Express credit card is right for me?

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  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Payback American Express credit card?
  2. What speaks for and against the American Express Gold Card?
  3. Who is the American Express Platinum Card for?
  4. Which card should I choose?
  5. American Express offers an interesting portfolio

In total, American Express (Amex) offers around a dozen different credit cards in Germany. This also includes special credit cards for employees of certain companies. In addition, there is the business credit card sector around models such as the American Express Business Gold Card. In this guide, however, we want to concentrate on credit cards that are also useful for you. We have identified the following three credit cards that are particularly interesting for private individuals:

In addition, there are models such as the American Express Green Card or the Blue Card for private customers, but these are not convincing in terms of services. That is why we would like to present the three cards mentioned to you in detail so that you can find the right American Express credit card for you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Payback American Express credit card?

We want to start this guide with the exotic American Express credit card, the Payback American Express credit card. Why is it an exotic one? Because the credit card works according to a different system than the other credit cards. The Payback credit card is mainly advertised for the "normal consumer", while the other Amex credit cards are more aimed at the premium market. Accordingly, the credit card is also more closely linked to Payback (a subsidiary of American Express) than to the US company itself. There is another crucial difference: The Payback American Express credit card is the only American card that is completely free of charge - and that without any conditions that you would have to adhere to.

What are the arguments in favor of the Payback credit card?

The key points for the Payback credit card are the annual fee and the ability to collect points with every purchase. In the past, the Payback American Express credit card was only available free of charge for the first year or as a special offer, today the credit card is basically a free model. For you as a consumer, this means that you do not have to pay an annual fee at any time - neither in the year of the application nor in the following years. This applies even if you don't use your credit card at all. This is precisely why the Amex card from Payback has blossomed into an ideal second credit card. Even if you have a different credit card, there is a lot to be said for applying for Amex Payback. This gives you an important advantage over other credit cards, especially with Payback partners - but also elsewhere.

This is because you can use your credit card to collect points for your transactions with Payback. Basically, the following rule applies: You receive one payback point for every 2 euros you spend. For example, if you buy 100 euros, you will receive 50 additional Payback points by paying with your credit card. This brings you a nice number of points in a simple way, especially when booking a vacation or other larger expenses. Always keep in mind: You collect Payback points for every payment made with your credit card - regardless of whether you pay with a Payback partner or with another company. In addition, the Payback American Express credit card offers you the advantage that it is a combined card: For example, if you pay with your credit card at Rewe, you can use it at the same time to collect points. In this case, you collect one point for every 2 euros you spend with your credit card and the same number of points through the 'normal' payback program. This is particularly practical because you don't need two different cards for this.

The decisive advantages of the American Express Payback Card at a glance:

It is also worth mentioning that Payback Amex offers purchase insurance that protects your purchases against theft and damage after purchase. In addition, the Payback credit card also offers a free partner card. However, it is questionable whether this advantage is significant with a generally free credit card.

What are the disadvantages of the Payback credit card?

Of course, not all that glitters is gold either. This also applies to the Payback American Express credit card. Although this comes without an annual fee, the fee structure is unfortunately not at all convincing. There are fees for withdrawals at ATMs and payments in foreign currencies. These are above average and make the credit card unattractive for use in countries where the euro is not the national currency. You should also not use your Payback credit card for withdrawals. Instead, we recommend models such as the 1plus Visa credit card for this purpose, which is also free of charge, but does not include the fees mentioned.

It is also worth mentioning that the Payback credit card does not offer the typical additional services of American Express. The card does not offer any insurance benefits or the advantages of the American Express premium hotline, which is usually very helpful. The free use of Boingo's Wi-Fi hotspots is also not available to you with the Payback credit card.

What speaks for and against the American Express Gold Card?

One of the alternatives to the American Express Payback credit card is the Gold Card. This is generally free in the first year, but comes with a fee of 140 euros per year from the following year. After all: with an annual turnover of at least 10,000 euros, you can ask for the annual fee to be omitted. This also makes the gold credit card a free credit card for consumers who spend a lot of money on the card. In the following we want to show you what else you need to know about the card.

What are the advantages of the Amex Gold Card?

If you opt for the American Express Gold Card, you can look forward to numerous premium advantages: As with the Payback credit card, you can also collect points with the card. However, there are two key differences. On the one hand, you do not collect Payback points with cards like the golden Amex card, but so-called Membership Rewards points. On the other hand, you collect one point for every euro you spend. With this you collect twice as many points as with the previous Payback model. Meanwhile, one can argue about the value of Membership Rewards points. The points are very flexible and can be used, among other things, to (partially) settle the credit card bill, order goods from the shop, book flights or pay the annual fee. However, the conversion into miles and points is particularly attractive for flight and hotel partners. If you use the points skillfully, the Membership Rewards points can be more valuable than Payback points.

In addition to the Membership Rewards program, the American Express Gold Card has a number of other advantages worth mentioning. These include a discounted Priority Pass (lounge access at airports around the world), a premium hotline for questions and suggestions, the possibility of free internet access at Boingo hotspots worldwide and an extensive insurance package. The latter in particular makes the American Express Gold Card a very attractive credit card for anyone who travels a lot. The insurance benefits include travel cancellation insurance, international travel health insurance, comfort insurance for flight and luggage delays, transport accident insurance and a Europe-wide motor vehicle cover letter. In addition to a fully comprehensive rental car insurance, all important travel insurance services are included. In addition, with the American Express Gold you also receive purchase protection that protects your goods against damage and theft for some time after purchase.

The decisive advantages of the American Express Gold Card at a glance:

As with the Payback credit card, a partner card is also free of charge with the American Express Gold, so that not just one, but two people can benefit from the advantages.

What are the weaknesses of the American Express Gold Card?

The American Express Gold Card has similar disadvantages as the Payback credit card. As with this, withdrawals with the golden credit card are too expensive and not interesting - here in the premium sector there are more alternatives such as the Barclaycard Platinum Double. The same applies to payments in foreign currencies: you have to expect a fee of 1.99 percent of sales. The Amex Gold Card is therefore not of interest for use abroad or for withdrawals. The annual fee of 140 euros from the second year is undoubtedly a disadvantage of the credit card. Especially because competing products like the Barclaycard Platinum Double are significantly cheaper.

Who is the American Express Platinum Card for?

The American Express Platinum Card has become a bit of a status symbol, but there are also many real reasons in favor of the credit card. Nevertheless, the card with an annual fee of 600 euros - discounts are not possible regardless of annual sales - is very expensive and probably exceeds what most consumers want to pay for a credit card. You also hardly want to spend 600 euros a year on a credit card. But the premium credit card can still be worthwhile. To do this, however, you must also be able to take advantage of the card and its many advantages. This is undoubtedly not possible for everyone.

What services make the Platinum Card so expensive?

If you opt for the American Express Platinum credit card, you can look forward to benefits that hardly any other card in Germany can offer you. It starts with the fact that you can of course participate in the Membership Rewards program with this credit card, just like with the Gold Card. By and large, this benefit is just one of many of the Platinum Card's benefits. With this you will receive significantly interesting additional services.

The key advantages of the American Express Platinum Card at a glance:

For example, you will receive not just one, but two Priority Pass memberships in the highest category. This means that you and your partner can use airport lounges around the world at no extra charge and as often as you wish. This advantage alone can have a value of up to 500 euros. In the travel sector in particular, the Platinum Card is also considered to be particularly attractive in other areas. The credit card, for example, gives you status with numerous rental car companies and hotel chains. With these, you in turn receive benefits such as free upgrades, free breakfast and more. In general, the American Express Platinum Card also offers its own hotel program, which you can use to book hotels with even greater advantages - such as a US $ 100 meal voucher. American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts are very popular among business travelers and can only be booked by holders of a Platinum or Centurion credit card. Accordingly, exclusivity is guaranteed.

In addition to the other advantages offered by the Gold Card (including free Wi-Fi around the world), the American Express Platinum comes with a special hotline. This is known for being able to fulfill all customers' wishes - from tickets for a sold out concert to a flower shipment to the partner. Of course, this hotline is available 24 hours a day for all questions and requests.

Another important advantage of the American Express Platinum Card is the insurance package, which is even more extensive than the golden version. A fully comprehensive rental car insurance is included in the package as well as liability insurance abroad. In addition, the amounts insured for all services are higher than for other credit cards in Germany. This means that you are always well protected, even on expensive trips, and can actually travel carefree.

Does the Amex Platinum Card also have disadvantages?

Unfortunately, the American Express Platinum credit card is not perfect either, despite the high annual ticket price. This is primarily due to the fact that the card also comes with the typically high withdrawal and foreign currency fees. We therefore advise you to use a credit card such as the Barclaycard Platinum Double for these services. For payments in the euro area, however, the Amex Platinum Card is without a doubt the ideal solution - provided you are willing to pay 600 euros a year for a credit card.

Which card should I choose?

Choosing the right American Express credit card doesn't have to be difficult for you. Just orientate yourself on your own needs. Are you looking for a free credit card? Then the Payback American Express card is right for you. Would you like to benefit from participating in Membership Rewards? Then the American Express Gold Card is the perfect choice. The same applies if you are looking for a good price / performance ratio. The Platinum Card, on the other hand, is only considered if only the best is good enough for you. The premium insurance benefits are unbeatable and otherwise the credit card is the non-plus-ultra of credit cards in Germany.

American Express offers an interesting portfolio

American Express has become much more interesting in recent years (as of 08/2017). The portfolio was upgraded and supplemented with the free Payback American Express credit card. In addition, the Gold Card now offers more services at a reasonable price and is completely free of charge from an annual turnover of 10,000 euros. Last but not least, the Amex range is increasingly convincing due to its increasing acceptance in Germany and around the world. Only the international and withdrawal fees are still behind the credit cards. Nevertheless, an American Express credit card can be worthwhile as a second or third card. You can find alternatives in our credit card comparison.

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