Why can't I share on Messenger anymore

Find and change Facebook Messenger settings - this is how it works

Privacy: Various settings are available to you under this point. Here you activate secret conversations that are end-to-end encrypted on all your mobile devices, manage blocked people from whom you no longer want to receive messages, define the target groups for your own stories and manage the stories that you have muted has.

Notifications and sounds: Specify here whether you want to receive notifications from Facebook Messenger and which tones should be played.

Data server: If you activate this option, images and videos will only be downloaded after they have been clicked when using mobile data. This saves data volume.

Story: Here you make all the settings relating to the stories you are using. You can also activate the archiving of your own stories and view your private archive.

SMS: If you operate the slider, your SMS conversations will also be displayed in your messenger.

Telephone contacts: Under this point you upload your phone contacts in Messenger and manage them.

Photos and media: Specify here whether photos that are sent via the app are saved in your gallery app at the same time. In addition, you can set a color for your emojis used in Facebook Messenger and whether you want to open links in the standard browser or in the in-app browser.

Chat Heads: If this function is activated, a small bubble with the active chat will appear on your screen.

App updates: Set automatic updates and the corresponding notification here.