Playing video games can kill you

How politics is used in video games

How politics is used in video games

US - Abbreviation for English: United States; so that something is related to the USA

Concern, - (n.) - the goal; the desire

Gamer (from English) - someone who plays a computer game

Front garden, front gardens (m.) - the garden in front of a house entrance

virtual - so that something only exists on a computer or on the Internet

real - here: so that something is like in real life

Candidate / Candidate - here: someone who is applying for a job or an office

Election campaign, campaigns (m.) - the publicity of the parties in the months leading up to the election

to map something - take a picture of something; represent something

Activist / activist - someone who fights for a (political) goal

Black Lives Matter - a political movement that fights for black people's rights

above all - especially

intensive - here: very strong

annoy someone - disturb someone

bulky - here: so that something is not the right place for something

Effort, effort (m., Plural rare) - the effort; the effort; the energy needed to do something

to accommodate something - find a place for something

cleverly - here: clever; with good skills

to build something - install something; to add something