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Safe and efficient through the Christmas business

The summer was epic - probably for those who could greet their guests in an outdoor area. But the days are noticeably shorter again - for the catering and hotel industry this means: the pre-Christmas high season.

Who actually invented the term “quiet time”? Because the coming weeks may be among the best-selling for the catering and hotel industry, but also among the most exhausting, in which everything has to run even more perfectly than in the rest of the year. Advent, Christmas and the turn of the year mean high season. Everyone wants to meet again, every company, department or work group organizes the obligatory Christmas celebrations to say thank you, to review the past months and to prepare for the coming months together. Happy timesfor the hospitality industry? If everyone involved is well prepared: yes!

It is therefore very important to put hospitality companies on a secure organizational basis, to assign tasks reliably and transparently and thus to better distribute the burdens of everyday business. And at peak times like Advent, digitization can pay off particularly well. If you have to look after several large groups every evening in the weeks leading up to Christmas, every step has to be perfect. Menus need to be planned and discussed with the kitchen. Depending on the size of the groups, the size of the team in the different operational areas must be adjusted and, if in doubt, increased. Reservations need to be checked and adapted to the spatial conditions. All of this happens behind the scenes - the guest should just feel comfortable and be able to enjoy the meeting with friends or colleagues in the "quiet time". It has to be perfect. Arranging that is your job as a restaurateur.

With an app like Planday you can conveniently plan the duty rosters for these particularly busy days in advance and flexibly adapt them to the circumstances together with your team. It is important to have a lot of things in view, or to be even better prepared for certain things and eventualities than usual during the year. The beginning of winter lets the first wave of colds sweep across the country, short-term sickness reports are the order of the day. As a boss, you don't want to take reservations on the phone at such times and desperately try to organize service staff who can jump in quickly with your mobile phone. Planday allows team members to independently swap their services and provide replacements. And thanks to the communication options integrated in Planday, you as the boss can still pass on important information to your teams at the last minute - precisely controlled for those who are really affected.

Because sometimes it has to be particularly fast

The rush hour in your company can, under certain circumstances, subject established work processes and structures to a stress test. At Planday, we have worked intensively over the past few months to ensure that you are well prepared for such emergency situations. With our new kiosk app for the iPad, we have developed a way that even employees without a smartphone can centrally punch in on a tablet as soon as they are ready to go. The clocking out is also organized in this way. Sometimes it is just the little things that make the big difference and write valuable minutes back on the credit side of a company that should and must function well and reliably. Speaking of reliability: All team members with an iPhone can now import their shift schedule into the calendar app on their smartphone - that creates security.

If you are reading this blog post, you have probably already discussed the roster for the Advent season with your team and created the basics of it. Very good. Remember: duty rosters can be saved as templates and used again and again - even for seasonal requirements. Next Christmas will definitely come. With the same extra effort and the same extra staff. Which motivated us to significantly improve the performance of such data-intensive templates. No, this is not an early Christmas present for you. We just do it that way. This is our job.

We wish you a successful and, above all, smooth Christmas business!