Should you clean wheat pennies

Common collector coins

All older coins are collectibles, but it is unlikely that you will run into any Morgan Dollars or Standing Liberty Half Dollars at daily exchange offices. If you are into collecting very rare coins, it is best to visit a coin shop. However, by collecting wheat every penny, silver coin (dime, quarter and half dollar) and foreign coin you come across you can build yourself a very respectable coin collection. Wheat pennies

Minted in 1909-1958, wheat pennies are the easiest collector coin to find in American circulation. The obverse of the wheat penny is the same as any other Lincoln penny, but an image of two stalks of wheat adorn the reverse of this coin. Although wheat pennies are usually worth just pennies apiece, they are relatively easy to find, and large collections of wheat pennies can be worth quite a bit of money. As with any coin, the older the date on the coin it is usually worth.
Silver coins

Every American penny, quarter, or half dollar minted in 1964 or before is 90 percent silver. After 1964, the silver content of pennies and quarters was completely removed, while the silver content of the half dollar was drastically cut. Half-dollar contained 21 percent silver through 1971. Because of the value of silver, these coins tend to be worth significantly more than face value. Silver coins isn't as common as wheat pennies, but if you are sure to check the date of each piece of coins you come across, you will find a few of these precious coins. The better the condition of these coins, the more they will be worth.
Foreign coins

Every now and then you will come across a piece of foreign coinage. Although these coins are usually not worth a great deal, they are very interesting collectibles. Canadian coins are the easiest to come across in America, but it is not uncommon to find exotic coins. If you find that you enjoy collecting foreign coins, you can purchase a foreign coin in the price list that will give you information about your collection.