What products do you buy online

Why do customers buy online? - the main reasons

E-commerce has become tough competition for brick-and-mortar retail. There are a number of reasons for this. In a representative study, the digital association Bitkom determined the main reasons why Germans decide to buy online. The independence from shop opening times is particularly popular. Other motives are regional or age-specific.

The representative study by Bitkom

A total of 55 million Germans made purchases in e-commerce in 2017. Reason enough to ask why e-commerce is so popular. In order to find out which criteria make online retail so attractive, the digital association Bitkom carried out a representative study and interviewed 1,152 internet users, of whom 1,104 were proven online buyers. The aim of the study was to determine the reasons why customers decide to buy in e-commerce. In addition, it should be clarified whether there are age- or gender-specific differences for online shopping or whether regional peculiarities play a role. For this reason, 14-year-olds were asked about their experiences in the online world in order to obtain the broadest possible range of opinions.

Those are the main reasons to buy in e-commerce

For most of the respondents (77%), independence from opening times was a main reason for deciding to shop online. The fact that the web shops are open around the clock offers a high degree of flexibility so that shopping can be done at any time of the day or night. The deliveries of goods to the front door are also of great relevance. A total of 75% of those surveyed stated that they particularly value this e-commerce service. A point that is also frequently mentioned in this context is the time saving. Many customers find it pleasant not to have to go looking for a parking space and go from shop to shop whatever the weather. In addition, many customers (56%) decide to shop in e-commerce because they find goods here that brick-and-mortar retailers rarely or rarely have to offer. This criterion is particularly important for younger customers (14-29 years of age) (68%).

These aspects also play a role

Prices ended up surprisingly low on the list of reasons to shop in e-commerce. The fact that there are often discount campaigns and special prices in online retail is a reason for just over half of customers (55%) to decide to buy online. However, many praise the fact that prices on the Internet are often more transparent and easier to compare. The right to withdraw from purchasing, on the other hand, only plays a subordinate role when deciding where to shop. At 23%, not even a quarter of the respondents perceive this as a decisive criterion. In addition, some aspects are regional. For example, 22% of those surveyed stated that they found shopping in e-commerce very attractive because there were hardly any stationary shops in their area.