What is the origin of Christianity

The origin of Christianity (eBook, ePUB)

This eBook: "The Origin of Christianity (Complete Edition: Volumes 1 to 4)" is provided with a detailed and dynamic table of contents and has been carefully proofread. Karl Kautsky (1854-1938) was a German-Czech philosopher and social democratic politician. Kautsky's subjects of philosophy, history, and economics had already been chosen with a view to his political interests. For this reason, among other things, he managed to become one of the most influential journalists in the social democratic press while he was still a student under the pseudonym "Symmachos". In 1881 he met Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels on a trip to London. In 1883 he founded the magazine Die Neue Zeit, whose editor and chief editor he remained until 1917. He wrote political and historical studies and became an authority on Marx's theory. Content: The personality of Jesus The pagan sources The Christian sources The struggle for the image of Jesus The society of the Roman Empire The slave economy The state Thoughts and feelings of the Roman Empire Judaism Israel Judaism since exile The beginnings of Christianity The early Christian community The Christian messiah idea Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians The Passion Story of Christ The Development of the Church Organization Christianity and Social Democracy

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