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Football is better without a spectator, part 1

Anyone who loves the game itself and not the artificially staged trappings will enjoy the absence of constant roaring on television.

This would be an unpopular opinion: It is a blessing for football that, due to the current health policy requirements, it takes place largely without spectators. I mean that with full awareness of the importance my favorite sport has in the life of large parts of the world. Certainly: For those people who earn their income from the billion-dollar spectacle, the viewing bans are bad. I hope that every sausage man, every ticket tearer and also the outpatient "popcorn chips-peanut curls-crispy lattice mini-frits" sellers quickly find new jobs.

But if you love the game itself and not the artificially staged trappings, you can enjoy the absence of permanent roaring on television, the hardly ever smart battle chants, the insults below the belt. Instead, fascinating insights into the real conditions in the clubs open up, which are usually kept under lock and key by ever larger PR departments. Thanks to the microphones on the edge of the field, we can now clearly hear what coaches and players are calling to each other. And that's where we learn: The professionals are usually the same as we are in the hobby league. For example, recently I watched the live stream of the test match between Anderlecht and Lille. Vincent Kompany, the Brussels player's coach, coached loudly from the sidelines - and was just as frustrated by his team as our coach in the Brussels hobby league. "Play faster!", Vince called "The Prince" and: "Play forward!"

Apparently, these instructions are just as difficult for the really good guys to follow as they are for us. It's comforting, and it shows how difficult it is to create the right group dynamics that make a good football team. But for another, more fundamental consideration, football is better without a spectator. More on this in two weeks at this point.

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