Which is important fame or money

Money and success are not everything - this is how you can tell whether you are on the right or wrong path.

There are an infinite number of creative jobs today. It is not always about the full-time job. Being a Youtuber often means letting your creativity run free. Write articles for the blog, develop your own app, set up an online service. All of this always requires some creativity to a certain extent.

On the other hand, we're generally very number-driven these days. For example, it's child's play to find out which of your videos has been viewed the most. Or which article could generate an infinite number of clicks within a short period of time. Or how successful certain areas of an app actually are.

Statistics and numbers are our modern friends and again and again something like this leads to clickbait and drastic strategy changes of companies or people. Because at some point it is often only about the numbers, no longer about the people or the people behind them.

Are you lost?


At the end of last year I came across several articles that got me thinking. A few sentences were often written there that made it very clear that one was lost. This happens faster on the web than you think, because "lost" means losing your passion. The betrayal of oneself.

For example, if you only look at statistics instead of going after your heart and creating what you love yourself, what you yourself consider right and valuable, because they are things because of which you may have started with them in the first place.

But I do not want to anticipate here, but rather to throw my own, Germanized and for me somewhat modified version of these statements into the room. Because I think everyone should ask themselves every now and then whether they are still doing things out of true, sincere passion or just because it brings them money, fame or clicks.

The question always arises as to whether money, clicks and fame are actually the right thing to do. For yourself.

8 examples that will show you that you are on the wrong path.

You are on the wrong path if you ...

  • As a creative and clever writer, you limit your texts to simple phrases in order to reap more success and fame.
  • as a successful self-employed person give up the core of your business in order to get even bigger as quickly as possible.
  • As a businessman, you stop pursuing your goals, following the trends and hoping to achieve an exit (i.e. to turn the company into money quickly).
  • you no longer care about fantastic content on your interesting and high-quality blog, but are only busy increasing the clicks and views.
  • giving up or neglecting your true friends because you are trying to be better or to fit into a certain role.
  • as a brand, stop relying on quality and integrity in order to quickly reach the masses, instead of remaining small and particularly high-quality.
  • change your trade as a committed and talented employee in order to be promoted or to earn more money quickly.
  • As a creative person, you no longer follow your own ideas, but only deliver what people expect and / or want to see from you.

Finding your way back to passion is more important than money

Bigger is not better. It's just bigger. The mass market is not the goal. The niche can be just as beautiful and successful. The little author may never be able to write a bestseller, but he will always follow his thoughts and be indescribably happy with it.

The businessman who treats his employees honestly and fairly at all times is worth more than the guy who only chases after success and pays the minimum wage and lowers prices. The creative filmmaker, who wins awards with his short films but earns little money, will always be happier than if he got rich with some run-of-the-mill films.

Bigger, higher, further ... that was and never has been the goal. At least it should never be. Reflect on the essentials and do what makes you happy. Return to passion and let yourself be carried away by it, because it is more important than money, clicks, or fame. Being happy is worth more than wealth and not everything always has to mutate or grow into something gigantic. Because bigger is only bigger. Not better.

But now I am a realist and I know that we all have to pay our bills. Always just follow your passion, that is often not that easy. But what I would like to draw your most attention to is that you are not sellout. Don't sell your soul, don't forget who you are, because that's faster than you think, especially in our often data-driven times. Never forget the passion in all of this and always remain yourself in everything you do. Better to be less happy than to be lonely and unfulfilled with a lot.

Have you ever fallen into the trap? Write me your experiences in this regard in the comments.

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