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Game modes (Dota 2)

The Game modes in Dota 2 set the rules of a game being played. Like other games it owns Dota 2 different game modes, which mainly influences the choice of heroes. Currently has Dota 2 over eleven different game modes, most of which have the same goal and are all laid out on the same map.

In addition, the game distinguishes between "normal games" and "ranked games", which determine the competitive nature of the game. A third variant are the event modes, which can be played at certain events in the game.

Normal game [edit | Edit source]

All Pick [edit | Edit source]

"Each player chooses a hero from the entire inventory."

All Pick is probably the most frequently played mode in the game. In it each player can choose one of the heroes who are in the game. It is possible for all players to swap their heroes with teammates, to be assigned a random hero by random selection or to select a new hero if one is not satisfied with his choice. The game is won by the team that destroys the opposing Ancient.

  • Each player has 75 seconds to choose their hero.
  • The starting gold is 625 (direct choice), 825 (random choice), 525 (new choice).

If you do not choose a hero by the end of the selection period, you will not automatically be assigned one, but lose one gold piece per second. The various choices also have an impact on the amount of gold. If you use the random selection, you receive 825 gold and you select a new hero, only 525 instead of the normal 625.

Single draft Edit source]

"Each player chooses a hero from a random selection of three heroes."

Here the selection of the playable hero is limited for each player. He receives three randomly selected heroes, with all primary attributes represented. So each player receives an agility, intelligence and strength hero to choose from. Random selection does not work in this mode. As with All Pick, the team that destroys the opposing Ancient wins.

  • Each player has 60 seconds to choose their hero.
  • The starting gold is 625.

Once the selection period has expired, there is no financial impact.

Captain's Mode Edit source]

"Each game is assigned a captain who chooses all heroes for his team. Captains also ban heroes from the hero pool."

In Captain's Mode, a member of the team becomes a captain who selects the heroes of his team and can ban heroes so that they cannot appear in the game.

Random draft Edit source]

"Players take turns choosing a hero from a collective selection of 24 random heroes. You will be notified when it is your turn."

Random Draft gives both teams access to a pool of 24 different heroes, from which they can alternately choose. In selecting

Ability Draft [edit | Edit source]

"Create a unique hero by choosing from a range of skills."

Ability Draft is a fun mode in which the players are assigned a random hero with four skills, who they can alternately equip with the skills of the heroes from the given pool. This pool consists of the heroes of both teams and two additional heroes. Players can equip their hero alternately with three normal abilities and one ultimate. There are five seconds for each skill pick. Skills such as Stolen Intelligence from Silencer, which are tied to the respective hero, remain with him. The aim of the game is to destroy the opposing Ancient. The only heroes that cannot be played in this mode are those who have more than four skills:

Least Played Edit source]

"Players can only choose from their least-played heroes! This mode is great for trying out new heroes, as the same applies to everyone."

All Random [edit | Edit source]

"Each player is assigned a random hero."

In this mode, each player is assigned a completely randomly selected hero. The aim of the game is to destroy the opposing Ancient.

Limited Heroes Edit source]

"Play with heroes who are particularly suitable for new players."

In Limited Heroes, players can choose from a pool of heroes that Valve considers beginner-friendly. The mode is considered a practice mode, which follows on from the tutorial, does not award Battle Points and does not penalize players if they leave the game. In addition, the heroes of such players will be replaced by bots.

  • Each player has 120 seconds to choose their hero.
  • The starting gold is 625.

The 20 heroes that can be played in Limited Heroes are:

Captain's Draft Edit source]

"Each team is assigned a captain who selects and bans them from a limited pool of heroes."

Captain's Draft works in a similar way to Captain's Mode. Both teams are represented by a captain, but the teams only have a limited selection of heroes who can be banned or selected. Both teams have a total of 180 seconds to do this. Since October 27, 2014, all heroes can be played in this mode.

All Random Deathmatch Edit source]

"Players receive a new hero each time they spawn. Each team has a total of 40 respawns."

The All Random Deathmatch (abbreviation: ARDM), which is considered a fun mode, awards random heroes to the players at the beginning of each round. If a player dies with his hero, a new hero is assigned to him. This process is limited to 40 respawns for each team. All points for improving skills are refunded, but you always have to continue playing with the same items. Unlike other modes, there are two ways to win the game: Either you kill the generic heroes long enough for them to use up their 40 respawns, or you destroy the Ancient.

  • The starting gold is 625.

Three heroes of the game are not yet available in this mode:

Since there are no choices and you get assigned to the heroes immediately, there are no gold deductions. In addition, the game's cosmetics in All Random Deathmatch do not currently work and will not appear regardless of the player's selection.

1v1 training [edit | Edit source]

Ranked games [edit | Edit source]

Ranking all pick [edit | Edit source]

Similar to the normal All Pick, the members of both teams choose their heroes themselves. Before the actual election phase, there is a selection phase of 15 seconds in which all players on a team can suggest which heroes should be banned. At the end of this phase, a randomly determined half of the selected heroes will be banned, whereby a maximum of three selections made by a team can be accepted.

Event modes [edit | Edit source]

The event modes were only playable for certain events and then no longer enabled.

Diretide [edit | Edit source]

Main article: Diretide

At the Diretide event, both teams had to outdo each other in collecting sweets. You could collect these from Roshlings that appeared or steal them from the opposing camp. Every now and then Roshan would pick a random player in this mode to get a candy. If you can't give Roshan candy, he'll kill you.

After 20 minutes, the first part of the Diretide ended, in which the team with the most sweets won. After that, both teams had to compete against Roshan and defeat him together. As a reward, the Greevil Egg and, but only if you defeat Roshan fast enough, the Golden Baby Roshan could be unlocked.

Wraith Night [edit | Edit source]

Main article: Wraith Night

In Wraith Night, a team of five had to defend Skeleton King's body against onrushing AI opponents. In this classic tower defense scenario, only a limited number of heroes could be played, some of whom had different skills.