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Gray Hat SEO

Marginal search engine optimization

Because of this positioning between serious and dubious search engine optimization, Gray Hat SEO is often referred to as marginal search engine optimization. While many see this as a gradation of Black Hat SEO, others consider it a good way to get around faster and more effectively to better search engine rankings to get.

It is important to mention that Gray Hat SEO not necessarily penalized by search engines is, however, associated with a certain risk. Here, too, the limit value of the procedures becomes clear. In the meantime, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that no one is safe from Google penalties, which White Hat puts into perspective again.

How does Gray Hat SEO work?

First of all, once again very important: Gray Hat SEO is in itself nothing forbidden and is only punished in individual cases by the search engines (here, of course, we have Google above all in mind). Most SEO agencies fall into the gray hat category.

Gray Hat SEO aims to Gaps in the algorithms of the search engines to find and use them. So this is not white hat SEO, because the search engine searches specifically for errors in order to then exploit them.

A good example of Gray Hat SEO is artificially building links. This is a similar method to Black Hat SEO, but it is carried out less intensively. Link building in Gray Hat SEO is done, for example, via:

In general, Gray Hat SEO can be summarized as follows: In principle, these are methods of White Hat SEO, but they are in increased form and exaggerated can be used to achieve even better results. At the same time, it is a tightrope walk between permitted and prohibited - it is difficult to predict how long-term and sustainable the results will be.