What is Justin Trudeau's IQ

"Are tattoos tasteless?"

  • Does that have style?

    Henriette Kuhrt

In my opinion, tattoos are a disfigurement of a woman's body if they exceed a certain size. For men, I dare to say that the area of ​​tattoos is inversely proportional to the IQ. What do you mean? Walter L., Unterstammheim

Dear Walter, tattoos have now become mainstream; so that it is practically impossible to assign them to a group. They are completely unsuitable as a sign of punk subversion or prison-prole-credibility: if even the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Florian Silbereisen have one, then the tattoo has not only arrived in the establishment, but also in the ZDF television garden.

Lost its expressiveness

That is why tattoo wearers have tried to regain some of the rebellious effect through the size of the motif: In particular, footballers, reality show professionals and other figures from the entertainment industry draw attention to their particularly stubborn character. This has rubbed off on the mainstream to such an extent that even large tattoos are so common that you can no longer say anything about the wearer.

So the last taboo remains: hands, neck and face. From here there is no way back to the center of society. These areas have now been discovered by rappers and pop stars like Justin Bieber - all narrow-gauge rebels would really have to risk something here if they copied.