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Vacuum cleaner rainbow instructions

Just a few quick steps and yours is done and ready to start cleaning. Each model of the rainbow vacuum cleaner comes with a free manual.

You can use cold tap water. The liquid must fill the reservoir so that the middle cap of the level indicator is covered with water. Not enough or more water can affect cleaning performance. If the cleaning process deteriorates, you should switch the water in the tank to clean water.

The unit must be precisely positioned and installed on the tank. Both latches should be hung on the sides of the vacuum cleaner on the edge of the storage container and locked into place. To separate the vacuum cleaner from the reservoir, you need to remove the clips and lift the power supply. If the water tank is not attached to the rainbow, the device will not start.

This can easily be achieved by aligning the grooves in the base with the protruding part of the vacuum cleaner. The rainbow is secured by the basic lock. To release the latch, all you have to do is push on it.

Insert the hose connector into the air inlet connector until it clicks into place. To disconnect the hose, squeeze both clips and pull the hose connector out of the nozzle.

Connect the hose to the air inlet. It is necessary to insert one end of the section into the socket on the other until it clicks into place. To separate them, press the button and drag the sections in different directions.

Insert the end of the hose handle tube into the socket on the upper suction tube until you hear a click. To disconnect, press the button and pull in different directions.

Attach the hose handle. Decide on the attachment depending on the type of cleaning you want to start. Slide it onto the lower part of the suction tube or from the curved hose handle onto the tube. The attachment is fastened with a push button lock. Press the lock button to disconnect the attachment.

Plug the Rainbow into an outlet that is located for operation. Activate high-speed mode for maximum cleaning performance

In the modern market for separator devices, a fashionable rainbow vacuum cleaner from American production with separator and aquafilter is of great interest. User opinions on the technical parameters, quality and operability are very conflicting and are currently divided.

There are positive reviews of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner, but there are also many negative opinions. Therefore, independent tests were carried out.

about the company

The rainbow was invented in 1955. The country where the cleaning device and accessories were designed, manufactured and assembled - the USA. Manufacturing Facility - Raxair LLC. The assembly is partly done by hand.

During its activity, the well-known company has repeatedly replenished the model series of such cleaning devices. However, a significant improvement in the device was not made until 2000. Since then, the rainbow has remained largely unchanged. There is no fundamental difference in the design and functions of the old and new vacuum cleaner models. Today the market is presented with the E2 Black model. Others are no longer available. The look of the plastic used in the manufacture of units is beautiful. However, there is no clear evidence of the safety of materials. The relevant documents are not provided by the sellers.

Rainbow design

The current appearance of the vacuum cleaner is practically no different from the previous models. The car has become more compact and the water tank is now backlit. Although this is a controversial topic, is it even needed? After all, it's not very interesting to look at the dirt. The plastic that the body is made of looks very high quality material, durable and without any special smell. Color - black and gray. The shape of the light bulb is curved, which creates additional inconvenience. The metal hose is also uncomfortable: short and very heavy.


The strength of the hose is increased by a metal grille. But even this will not prevent you from breaking and tearing the outer coating as a result of multiple blows with a heavy object. Certain doubts allow the reliability of the fasteners in the hoses that connect them to the vacuum cleaner bodies. They are made of plastic tendrils so that they can crack with prolonged use.

Operating modes of the vacuum cleaner

Engineers creating a vacuum cleaner project made it operate in standard mode and quiet mode. Regular cleaning takes place in standard mode. The quiet mode should clear the airspace. However, when this option is enabled, there is often no air intake. It does not get into the storage container and is therefore not cleaned. Therefore the existence of this function is questionable.

Features of the

The most important functional features of the vacuum cleaner include: air cleaning, humidification, ionization and switching off soft surfaces. The engine has a fairly high speed. The power consumption in the main mode is 875 W. At a speed of 250 W, however, the use of a vacuum cleaner is not recommended as the required suction does not take place and accordingly no cleaning takes place.

Some sellers talk about the medicinal purpose in promoting their product. However, today there are no official data confirming the vacuum cleaner's ability to cure asthma and destroy allergens. According to the certificate, the maximum air purification is only 76%. For competitors, this value is 99.99997%.

How the rainbow works

The operating principle of the air purifier is based on a three-stage air purification: water filtration, separation and use of a HEPA filter. According to the instructions, the container is filled with water (1.5 l), which then receives dirt and dust. The storage container is connected to the vacuum cleaner at the top, the separator is located inside. In this position the device is ready for use.

Filtration systems

The work of the device is based on the separator. It is removable so that it can be washed thoroughly. The separator is made of high quality plastic. Technology - 2000. The blades, arranged at the same angle, look like a cup cut lengthways. The disadvantage is frequent thread breaks in the plastic nut that is used to screw it onto the motor pin.

In addition, the separator does not offer optimal cleaning. The prerequisite for the market launch of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner was therefore the installation of a two-stage filter system: motor and output stage (HEPA). The second filter has proven negative, which is confirmed by the medical community. It turns out that HEPA doesn't hold back dust, but instead directs it back into the room by crushing it. If this filter is not changed in time, the amount of dust will increase and the motor may burn out.

Foam rubber protects the engine from dust. This is absolutely not permitted for vehicles in this category. In addition, this filter still needs to be replaced annually (the price is around $ 100) as it is not recommended to wash it. The fibers lose their shape due to water and are therefore completely unsuitable for filtration. Electrical wires in the foam rubber increase the risk of fire even with small short circuits in the network. The motor of the device is not protected from liquids at all.

Among other things, the presence of filters reduces the suction power, which means that the vacuum cleaner cannot compete with other well-known brands.

Water tank

The water tank, which consists of individual elements and is glued into the desired shape, does not impress with its quality and appearance. This property of the container makes maintenance difficult and significantly reduces its strength and service life. Some problems are not only related to the shape of the water tank, but also arise from the small size of the piston. In fact, if the contamination is severe, the fluid must be changed after about 10 minutes.


The model has standard basic accessories, including those with natural bristles, and accessories. Quantity does not determine quality. Typically, most of the nozzles are not used at all by consumers.

Wet cleaning sets

Wet cleaning is one of the weak points of the Rainbow Aquafilter vacuum cleaner. In addition, both of the sets used are not perfect. Aqua Mate is suitable for carpets and floors. Here the electric drive is used at the same time as water. The liquid is poured into the car. She moves the handle across the floor and washes it. There is a risk of uncontrolled water being spilled when using the kit. In addition, to exclude such a situation, it is necessary to purchase a special device (scraper) for collecting water. You will need to spend approximately $ 100 to purchase it. Thus, the price of the rainbow increases significantly.

Set - adapted wash basin

Outwardly it looks like a tube on which a plastic jar is placed. Water spilled on the nozzle should remove stains. However, such a procedure turns out badly in action. It is impossible to use the wet cleaning function if the filter is clogged and the vacuum cleaner cannot vacuum water well.


The model is equipped with a special electric brush that can be used to knock out soft objects. Together with positive improvements, this accessory is far from perfect and clearly inferior to the knockouts of other brands such as Hyla and Pro-aqua. On the positive side, the backlight appears. The electrical contacts are now inserted into a plastic channel.

However, other parameters are on the same level. The brush is characterized by massive dimensions and a high weight of 5 kg. The wooden shaft makes it brittle and shortens its lifespan. Indeed, wood is capricious to changes in humidity. A dry shaft can damage the surface of objects and upholstery.

The lack of a telescopic tube also leads to disruptions in work. They are type-building here, with uncomfortable connections. They are slightly electrified below. The power cord just hangs on it. The brush clogs badly and needs to be cleaned. Of course, if you close your eyes to all of this, you can use a vacuum cleaner. After connecting to the switched on vacuum cleaner, a fluff roller inside the brush begins to rotate, which is attached to the base of the brush with a rubber band. There is a replacement belt. If it also becomes unusable, then you will have to buy more options yourself.

Disadvantages include the need to frequently replace dirty water with clean water. This can easily drip onto the floor. And in general, the result is pretty good, which is difficult to achieve with traditional vacuum cleaners.


Consumables include a filter installed at the outlet, confirming the device's low degree of purification and the laboratory's HEPA conclusions on air purification of 67%. Foam filter indicating that the motor is not protected from dust or water. And also the rubber pass of the beater brush, which can stretch when impacted by foreign bodies, which has a negative effect on the quality of the subsequent cleaning.

Service, guarantee, maintenance

The warranty period for Rainbow is 4 years, for motor 8 years, for companies 1 year. When buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to take into account the lack of compulsory service in the company. There is also not a single dealer. Maintenance and [rainbow vacuum cleaner repair] are typically not done by any of the many offices and dealerships, even if you are lucky enough to still find one.


As a result of tests, we can conclude that [the rainbow e2 vacuum cleaner] is made of good quality plastic, knocks out well, has a beautiful appearance ... However, in terms of quality and other parameters, it is significantly inferior to other similar devices. Disappointing kits for wet cleaning, poor suction, difficult maintenance, lots of extra cash costs on filters, inconvenience to use. A cleaning system cannot make the cleaning process completely hygienic. The filtration is not efficient and reliable enough.

Additional malfunctions arise from the lack of a control panel. The model only offers an on / off switch. And most importantly, the product is expensive. The purchase does not protect you from dust, does not wash and polish, purify the air, increase the financial cost of filters, and add problems. Therefore, before you need to read the instructions, take a look at the products in action and carefully weigh the pros and cons. The main conclusion is that the Rainbow vacuum cleaner definitely needs to be improved and refined.

Buyers of such expensive and high-quality equipment as Rainbow vacuum cleaners feel like real investors. The guarantee is 4 years for the entire structure and for the motor - up to 8 years! The actual service life is calculated in decades. However, if handled improperly, the rainbow can break. The main thing here is not to panic. You will definitely be supported by a certified service center.

Technological "diseases" are similar to diseases of the human body: the sooner you diagnose system disorders and contact a specialist, the faster and more cheaply you can restore the required functions.

This is how you can tell if your rainbow needs to be fixed

A properly functioning Rainbow vacuum cleaner cleans practically any surface flawlessly. Therefore, any oddities that occurred during operation should make you cautious: maybe the system needs help.

  • The operation of the vacuum cleaner was accompanied by an increased noise level (humming, whistling, knocking). There could be two reasons: Damage to the engine bearings or contamination of the turbine blades.
  • The separator suddenly stopped rotating. The reason is the accumulation of dust between the turbines or the pressure on the turbine from a developed impeller.
  • A burning smell appeared, the vacuum cleaner no longer worked. One of the possible reasons is accidentally sucking in a foreign object during cleaning, which leads to internal damage. You can only fully understand it in the service center.
  • The quality of the cleaning has decreased. This could indicate a clogged hose or engine failure. If you're using a power jet and you experience malfunction, it is most likely due to stretching of the drive belt, which needs to be replaced every 12 to 18 months. Please note that the power nozzle is supplied with a replacement belt that you can replace yourself, so that 2-3 years of normal operation of this nozzle are guaranteed. Contact the service center to get a new belt.

You can only solve problems yourself where the vacuum cleaner does not need to be disassembled beyond the instructions. Rexair LLC has taken care to reduce the chance of errors. For example, the rainbow's engine is protected by a special seal that cannot be accidentally opened.

Is it possible to repair the vacuum cleaner yourself?

Of course, you don't have to be serious about how to repair the rainbow vacuum cleaner yourself. Another thing is to check that certain modules are installed correctly and that they are not clogged. Here's a checklist to get you back to cleaning quickly without worrying about the condition of your vacuum cleaner:

  • Engine does not work... Make sure that the side locks of the water tank are locked, the power plug is fully inserted, the socket is working and dirt has been removed from the inlet network. Check if the automatic motor surge protector has tripped. To do this, switch the vacuum cleaner off for 30 seconds and then on again. If it still does not work, contact your service center or an authorized Rainbow dealer.
  • Clogged hose, suction tube, separator, nozzle or power nozzle... remove the blockage by following the instructions for your vacuum cleaner model.
  • Maintenance or replacement of the HEPA converter is required... Remove the HEPA neutralizer and clean or replace it.
  • The vacuum cleaner is slow...Press the speed switch in the HIGH position.
  • The vacuum cleaner throws out dust... check the water level in the tank. Most likely you will need to refill.
  • Large amount of foam in the water tank... just change the water.
  • It smells like mold... drain, rinse, dry the tank and remember to do this after each cleaning. Check if the HEPA neutralizer is wet and wash or replace it.
  • The vacuum cleaner is overheated... The hose, suction tube, nozzle or power nozzle may be clogged.
  • The Power Nozzle Motor is running, but the brush does not turn... First switch off the vacuum cleaner and check whether you can turn the brush by hand. If not, a foreign body is stuck in the brush slot and must be removed. If the brush turns freely by hand but does not work with the engine running, check for a broken belt. If the belt is intact and the brush is clean, the problem is bearing wear. The brush must be replaced by a service center.
  • No contact of the bristles with the carpet... Check that the electric brush is installed correctly. Replace the brush when the bristles wear out.

In what cases should the repair of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner be entrusted to the specialists of the service center

Doing the following yourself can not only fail and worsen the situation, but it can also deprive you of your right to free warranty service for your vacuum cleaner:

  • cleaning the engine and the interior of the vacuum cleaner;
  • disassembly and assembly of the vacuum cleaner;
  • replacing the HEPA neutralizer if the instructions for your model don't say you can do it yourself;
  • repair of the HEPA neutralizer in the case of holes;
  • cleaning the interior of the carpet nozzle;
  • repair and replacement of power cables, hoses;
  • repair of a mobile car;
  • replacement of water tanks.

All of this should be done by specially trained specialists from a certified service center that guarantees the authenticity of all components and materials. Most Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner assemblies are unique proprietary designs and should only be replaced with genuine Rexair LLC modules.

As part of the Rexair LLC customer service program, all Rainbow products and Power Nozzles are labeled with a service serial number that identifies the product owner and the seller's warranty card. It also confirms that the product passed quality control.

The Rainbow can only be purchased from an authorized dealer who is committed to providing quick, high quality maintenance. It is provided either in our own workshops or from responsible independent service providers in the areas where this sales representative sells Rexair LLC products.

To get the service you need for your vacuum cleaner:

  1. Keep the name, address, and contact number of the dealer or distributor from whom you purchased the rainbow cleaner.
  2. Call him if you have any questions about vacuum cleaner care, warranty repairs, and maintenance. If necessary, your representative will give you the address of the nearest workshop. Have your service serial number ready as you may need it for service details.
  3. If you are unable to contact your representative, please contact Rexair LLC Customer Service for the name, address, and phone number of the authorized dealer in your region. If there is no service center in your city, delivery to the repair location will be at your expense.

The repair schedule for your Rainbow will depend on the complexity of the job and the availability of the required parts in the service center. Usually a few days are enough. However, if an engine change is required, the process can take up to two months. Most of the time is spent on delivering the engine from the USA. A 1 year guarantee applies to repairs.

Repair costs

It consists of three parts:

  1. The labor cost. Full prophylaxis, including cleaning, lubrication and parts replacement work, can cost up to 7,000 rubles. Repairing a power jet brush can cost up to 3,000 rubles.
  2. Part cost. Wear and tear on engine bearings, graphite brushes, gaskets and rubber products can add about 20,000 rubles to repair costs. The engine shipped from the United States as part of the order is $ 900.
  3. The cost of transporting the vacuum cleaner to the service center and then home.

Repairs are carried out free of charge during the entire warranty period for the structure, motor and electric brush. The date of purchase of the vacuum cleaner is noted on the guarantee vouchers and is the start date of the guarantee.

The warranty service includes:

  • preventive measures, including training the buyer in the operation and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner;
  • elimination of factory defects and manufacturer failures;
  • replacement of the vacuum cleaner or its modules with new ones in the event of unrecoverable factory defects.

The expired guarantee period will not be extended.

To determine whether the vacuum cleaner is subject to a warranty repair, the service center carries out an inspection. It may turn out that malfunctions have occurred due to careless use or failure to comply with the instructions for handling the vacuum cleaner. In this case, the repair of the rainbow is paid for by the customer. The delivery conditions of the vacuum cleaner to the service center and back are negotiated individually.

This is how you avoid premature failures

Remember to clean the vacuum cleaner after each cleaning according to the instructions for your particular model. The rainbow should be returned for maintenance every two years. Due to its high performance, it gradually collects dirt, dust, physical and biological microparticles in the body - in 10 years - up to 1 kg! To prevent them from affecting the performance of your vacuum cleaner, simply request maintenance, which is free and hassle-free under warranty.

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