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You often subconsciously decide within a few seconds whether you like a person. And with a few tricks you can get another person to like you.

In order to get someone to like you, you should pay attention to two things in a conversation with them: a personable body language and an interesting conversation content.

Sympathetic posture

Trick 1: be open. Crossed arms and a body turned away signal the person that you are not interested in them. That's rude and doesn't make a good impression. So make sure that you adopt an open posture and face the person during a conversation.

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Trick 2: smile at the person. Everyone wants to surround themselves with happy people. Because of this, your natural and easy smile will make the person towards you like you. At the same time, she can remember you better later. It has been proven that people remember more easily people they met in a happy context.


Trick 3: make eye contact. Eye contact shows the other person that you are attentive and interested. That's why you can make a good impression with the right amount of eye contact. Be careful not to stare at the other person, however. This could make her feel uncomfortable.


Trick 4: be a mirror. People prefer to like people who are similar to them. In order for the other person to like you, you should resemble their posture, facial expressions, and gestures. So concentrate on their body language and try to imitate it - but don't overdo it! It should feel natural to you.


Interesting content of the conversation

Trick 5: Be interested in the person. Most people prefer to talk about themselves. Therefore, you should give the other person the chance to do so. So as soon as you realize that you are only talking about yourself, stop doing that. Ask the other person about their hobbies or opinions and let them share. Always stay alert and listen. It is important that you learn a lot about the other person so that you can build on that in a new conversation.


Trick 6: say their name. Just like most people love to talk about themselves, they love to hear their name. So always address the other person by their name and keep dropping them in the conversation.

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Trick 7: Give honest compliments. Everyone loves appreciation. However, the compliments should be serious, appropriate and not enforced. People are especially happy to receive compliments for what they did well, e.g. B. a presentation, and less for their clothes. After all, she has nothing to do with her person.


Trick 8: ask for a favor. This is how the person feels useful. Besides, it feels good that she owes her, not you, but you. Most people love that. So every now and then ask for help or a favor. And remember to say thank you for it afterwards.


Danger! You should keep this in mind:

Be honest and don't overdo it. All of these tricks must be done within an appropriate framework. You shouldn't exaggerate or force anything. For you, everything should feel natural and meant honestly.


Never speak negatively. In order to be liked, it is important that you never speak badly of others. Regardless of whether it is about the person you want to be liked by or about others. In the end, the other person might think that you are blaspheming about them even in their absence.


Don't try to buy love. Friendship and love cannot be bought. So don't keep giving gifts. Then the other person thinks they owe you something. That doesn't make you feel good about yourself.


Just like what you really like. Only when you really like the other person can you be honest. Don't invest effort in someone you don't like yourself, but who you just want to be liked because others think they are great.


Not everyone likes everyone. Realize that the chemistry between two people can sometimes not be right. If you find that you can't land on someone, keep your hands off it. Focus on those who might really like you.


Don't pretend After all, you want the other person to like you for who you are. So stay true to yourself and don't bend for others!


You see, with a few simple tricks you can get a person to like you. But the most important thing is that you stay true to yourself. And be honest - with yourself and with everyone else.

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