How can I uninstall Discord?

Uninstall Discord?

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Discord, OneDrive, Anti Virus, "entry point not found"?

Discord, OneDrive, Anti Virus, "entry point not found"?: Hello, I started my pc today and onedrive reported that the "entry point" was not found, what could that be? Windows Defender reported the same thing, and Discord too! What could that be??...

Windows 10 supportYesterday at 10:52 a.m.

Discord interlocutors sometimes can't hear me?

Discord interlocutors sometimes can't hear me?: Well, I have a bit of a problem, because when I talk to someone on discord every 5 minutes for 30-60 seconds I can't be heard by the others even though the green circle lights up indicating that I'm talking have already checked all audio devices and know ...

Windows 10 supportYesterday at 10:22 am

Discord Sound Bug Windows App?

Discord Sound Bug Windows App?: Hello, I am currently having a problem with my Windows app from Discord, only from my web app! In the browser / Ipad app it only doesn't work in the Windows app, I can't hear anyone regardless of what I'm doing, I have the correct input devices and I'm not full mute ...

Windows 10 supportMay 5, 2021

Logitech Ghub Discord Problem?

Logitech Ghub Discord Problem?: I have the G910 keyboard from Logitech, with which I can set my own keybindings through the Logitech GHUB. e.g .: when I press the G1 key, the task manager opens. With the G2 and G3 buttons, I can mute my microphone on Discord or mute myself completely. That easily has more than a ...

Windows 10 supportApril 20, 2021


Discord?: What does that mean: [ATTACH] I went in there accidentally, have you heard me now ?? It was on the cell phone and I actually deactivated the microphone. So did you hear me or is that not a voice chat ?? Lg

Windows 10 supportApril 14, 2021

Discord notifications even though they are switched off?

Discord notifications even though they are switched off?: I'm part of a couple of channels, but I almost never use them. But I don't want to quit these channels either. That's why I muted them. Even though I muted these channels, I still get notifications. I use Discord both on my phone and ...

Windows 10 supportApril 13, 2021

How can I delete Discord, I made a mistake?

How can I delete Discord, I made a mistake?: I want to uninstall Discord. But I didn't really think about it because instead of uninstalling it in the settings, I deleted files from the app. (With Windows 10.) Now I can neither uninstall nor reinstall it in the conventional way, because I have files over ...

Windows 10 supportMarch 11, 2021

How to uninstall Discord correctly & completely?

How to uninstall Discord correctly & completely?: Good evening community, I wanted to reinstall Discord because there are a few problems. I have Windows 10 I uninstalled Discord and tried to reinstall. Now my status (Update failed) If I press "Windows + R" and open% appdata% &% localappdata% is Discord ...

Windows 10 support19th August 2020