Why does my navel smell like poop?

My belly button stinks

  • Hello,

    To be honest, I didn't know which category it belonged to, so I'm going to write it here.

    I've never had this before, but for a few days now I've found my belly button smelly kind of like feces ...

    When I stick my finger in my belly button it's always so wet afterwards, I just stuck a cotton swab in it and when I took it out, it looked really disgusting

    It looks like pus, so yellowish and smells like hell. What could that be? It's definitely not normal, is it? Even stronger yellow lumps have stuck to the cotton swab.

    I'm sorry for that gross description

    And I shower every day ... so it can't be that it stinks because I don't wash.

    best regards

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  • Maybe you sweated a lot. When I'm back from the hay, it can happen that my navel stinks. I wash it particularly well in the shower, with my finger and soap. If it still stinks, I disinfect it with a cotton swab and Kamilosan. Then everything is fine again later.

  • You need to dry out the navel well after showering and insert a gauze swab into it.

    If it is in there, and skin comes on skin, an inflammation can develop.

  • Bals go to the dermatologist.

    It is most likely! a fungal infection (dermatophytes; the same pathogen as athlete's foot)

  • So, actually you wash your navel with you because after all you sweat and the flakes of skin and lint from the clothes collect there .... so nothing bad

  • ...... so nothing bad

    Whether this is "bad" or not cannot be judged from here. It is normal, "yellowish and smells bestial", in any case not. Especially not if you shower every day.

    A doctor should definitely see it.

  • So I don't know that, although I have a very sensitive navel, if I have a lint and take it out, it is reddened immediately. But it has never stinked or stinked, I would definitely let me see it!

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