You like to wear skirts

What women REALLY think when they wear a skirt

How? What? Just think about the famous 'Marilyn Monroe moment' every woman has to protect herself from when wearing a skirt. After all, sticking does not work. So it can happen that the fabric becomes independent in a strong gust of wind and suddenly everyone gets a clear view of the rear. Ahhhh! And that's not all. Here are other fears, worries and thoughts that women struggle with when they wear a skirt (maxi skirts and pencil skirts we are now simply deleting from our memory):

1. I just shouldn't have put on a skirt today ...

2. Hopefully you won't see the little stubble on my legs.

3. I should have put on tights.

4. Why is it suddenly so windy?

5. Why the hell didn't I shave my legs in the shower this morning?

6. Great, now my shapewear panties are peeking out.

7. Can you see my cellulite?

8. Why am I wearing such ugly panties today?

9. If I had put on a pair of briefs ...

10. Can you see my slip through my skirt?

11. No, I don't want to bend down now ... Why can't someone pick it up for me?

12. Can I really wear this skirt to the office?

13. Isn't it a bit too short after all?

Stars and their very own 'Marilyn Monroe moment'

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14. Shit! When I sit down, the skirt slips up completely.

15. Does the skirt suit me at all?

16. How are you supposed to ride a bike with this skirt?

17. Why are they all staring so stupidly?

18. Damn subway ventilation shaft!

19. Yeh! Now I really have to sit with bare legs on this disgusting seat.

20. Can they look under my skirt when I go up the stairs?

21. I feel kind of uncomfortable.

22. Hopefully my skirt won't get stuck in my underpants when I come from the bathroom.

23. Oh man ... Now don't forget to keep your legs pressed together while sitting.