Why are lawyers viewed as shabby?

Wolfgang Kubicki on "Close everything up": criticism of Liefers is shabby

Acting stars are criticizing the federal government's Corona measures under the motto "Close everything up". That is understandable - it is not the malice towards the action.

No question about it: the "Close everything up" campaign, in which dozens of artists took part, should attract attention. And it should probably spark a big debate about how society deals with Corona. After all, for over a year one has not heard or seen anything from many actresses and musicians.

Why did you stay silent for so long?

I was astonished that they were silent for so long and that they supported all the measures taken by the federal government with relatively little complaint. It is people who have lost their business foundation since the beginning of the pandemic, who have often not been able to appear - many of them have slipped into a lack of prospects and into depression. Unfortunately, a few went further and directed their lack of prospects against themselves.

Wolfgang Kubicki, born 1952, is Deputy Federal Chairman of the FDP and a member of the German Bundestag. On October 24, 2017, he became Vice President of the Bundestag. In addition to his work as a politician, Kubicki is also a criminal defense attorney.

And of course they are also affected by the serious mistakes of the federal government - the executive unwillingness to consider alternative solutions, actively promote model projects, and the inability to quickly provide sufficient tests and vaccines to soon overcome this pandemic.

Up until the time before the videos were published, there was a consensus - also in the editorial offices - to understand the difficult situation of the artists in the pandemic. It was easy to mourn this misery from the role of observer. Now it turns out that those affected should rather not express themselves publicly about their situation. It is better for the artists to silently carry their actual suffering around with them in order not to run the risk of being insulted as Nazis, aluminum hats or corona deniers. What has now unfortunately happened.

"A cry for help from people whose industry has been hit hard"

I understand the #allesdichtmachen campaign as a cry for help from people whose industry has been hit much harder than that of journalists who now recklessly rise above them. That is why it is cheap and shabby for journalistic commentators to speak of "neglect of prosperity" from their comfortable chambers. After all, I see the artists involved as the mouthpiece of an entire industry, which is largely subject to a de facto professional ban.

The criticism of those involved in the social networks that they would not offer any suggestions for a solution is also irritating. Because the submission of proposed solutions would have been expected from the federal government. That's what it's there for. However, with its blunt and undifferentiated lockdown policy, this has almost dampened an open debate, while parliament - the actual place of the debate - was almost completely excluded by executive policy. So how else are you supposed to speak up, express your fear and worries, if not through the means at your disposal as an artist - art?

"One should always take the path of respect"

The accusation that the artists were mocking the 80,000 dead of the corona pandemic with their action is vicious and infamous. Not everyone who criticizes a lockdown with nocturnal curfews is a disinterested lateral thinker

One can - no: one should - argue about the way in which those involved wanted to give air to their concerns. One should always follow the path of respect. It would therefore be helpful if the debate were to be kept within a framework that would allow one to look one another in the eye after the pandemic.

However, this framework has been blown significantly in the last few hours. When a journalist draws a straight line to Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels, the discourse is over and the way is free for cheerful denunciation. And when the former SPD state chairman from Lower Saxony, Garrelt Duin, demands that the public broadcasters have to end the cooperation with the actors involved, then we have left the level of decency, morality and humanity. Where are we actually going when satire, expression of opinion and art, which our constitution expressly protects, can ultimately lead to the loss of one's job? In the meantime, both of those named - this should also be mentioned here - have distanced themselves from their statements. This was right and should be recognized.

"Logic of the Twitter World"

We need to learn again to step out of the hypertonic logic of the Twitter world. It would be really helpful if we at least tried to see the world for a moment from the eyes of those who hold a different point of view, who have a different horizon of experience than ourselves. We have obviously lost this ability in recent years. However, it is worthwhile to reconsider this ability. Because I don't want to imagine a society in which what divides is emphasized until what divides prevails.

I really rarely agree with the "Monitor" boss Georg Restle. But here already. On Twitter, he wrote: "Not everyone who targets a new submissive spirit is a 'lateral thinker' or 'accepts thousands of deaths'. We should stop pushing each other into corners that no one can get out of." That's the way it is.

The views expressed in the guest post reflect the opinion of the authors and do not necessarily correspond to those of the t-online editors.

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