What is the paradox of life

The paradox of life

Have you ever noticed that paradoxes surround us all the time?

Where our tolerance decreases more and more, our buildings grow more and more upwards.
Our Internet connections are becoming more and more broadband, but our views are constantly narrowing. We make more and more purchases, but our joy is getting less and less. We enjoy more and more extensive training and at the same time lose more and more common sense. There are more experts than ever and the problems are overwhelming. The medical system is becoming more global and we are becoming more and more unhealthy.

We have bigger houses than ever and our families are getting smaller and smaller. Our houses are more beautiful and our homes are destroyed. We think globally and lose locally. We increase our possessions and lose our values. We have relationships for a night, not a lifetime. Our national identity is disappearing and we cannot be citizens of the world.

We hate too often and love too little. We talk too much and cannot stand silence. We rush to make a living and we forget more and more how to live. We add years to life, but our years lose life. We travel to the moon and do not find our way to our neighbors. The things we do are bigger, but they are not better.

We manage to purify air and water, but pollute our souls. We know how to split atoms, but we don't know how to unite people.

We read and write more, but we lose wisdom. We plan and dream more and achieve less. We are doing everything faster and faster and have forgotten how to wait. We network more and more and get lonely. We have never been able to contact so many people at the same time and meet less and less.

Eating becomes faster and digestion becomes worse. More and more people than ever have access to more and more food and we eat worse than ever. We weight information and overweight our bodies. We live in times of quick profits and complex relationships.

We live in times when it is more important to have things in the shop window than in the store. Where clothes are more important than friends. A world in which we spend a lot of money on things that we know are technically obsolete the moment we buy them. We can't wait to give complete control of our lives to others and we don't want to be controlled.

We have computers that are supposed to relieve us of work and take over our jobs. We create disposable items and suffocate in our disposable morality. We throw diapers in the trash and children in flaps. We create pills for everything, to arouse us, to calm us down, to multiply, to kill our pain, to kill us.

From a purely technical point of view, we can send texts like this around the world in a fraction of a second, but they never reach us.

We can change the world in seconds and we never change ourselves.

We let the truth roll off us and prefer to continue living as before.

I wish you a quiet and peaceful week.