What is WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus: what is it? Is it legal to use?


Have you heard of WhatsApp + or WhatsApp Plus and want to know more about this WhatsApp MOD? You can find out all the important details on our info page.

WhatsApp is still the undisputed market leader among messenger apps despite many clones and, in some cases, more powerful competitors such as Telegram or Viber.

With around two billion active users, around a quarter of the world's population now relies on WhatApp for chat messages. WhatApp Plus (WhatsApp +) is a WhatApp-MOD, initially maintained by the developer Mounib Al Rifai (Rafalense) since 2012, which supplements WhatsApp with functions such as themes and additional features such as extended privacy options.

This means that WhatApp Plus and its meanwhile numerous existing descendants are modified versions of WhatsApp, with which you can chat with other WhatApp users like with the official app. These are only available through unofficial app stores, download sites, and web forums.

Development stopped

The original version of WhatApp Plus itself had a fairly short life. Since 2013, Facebook has been taking massive action against the spread of WhatApp MODs that are not available on Google Play. WhatApp Plus inventor Rafalense stopped working on his WhatApp MOD after a cease and desist declaration obtained by Facebook.

You have to know these secret WhatsApp functions
You have to know these secret WhatsApp functions

WhatApp Plus couldn't be killed with that. Other developers have since tinkered with their own WhatApp Plus versions. These use various fantasy and fun names - here is a list of the better-known WhatApp Plus successors:

  • - WhatsApp Plus RELOADED
  • - WhatsMapp
  • - WhatsFapp
  • - FMWhatsApp
  • - YOWhatsApp

Is WhatApp Plus legal to use?

When using WhatApp Plus and its various successors, you are legally moving in a gray area. By connecting to one of these WhatApp MODs, you are breaking the WhatsApp Terms of Use, which you confirmed when you signed up and registered.

However, you do not commit a crime by using such WhatApp MODs. WhatsApp itself also primarily takes action against the spread of WhatApp MODs, but hardly against their users. If WhatApp detects the use of a modified WhatApp application, you are threatened with a temporary suspension of 24 hours or a complete suspension. How exactly Facebook works is not known. As a rule, however, the messenger does not remove the block.

The developers of the WhatApp Plus successor are now playing a kind of cat and mouse game with WhatApp. Code adjustments are intended to prevent the WhatApp MODs from being recognized, but Facebook is always on their heels.

Should you try WhatApp Plus?

Since WhatApp Plus and its successors can only be installed via "sideloading" APK files and does not really bring any essential improvements, we advise you not to use such WhatApp MODs. If you are not satisfied with the functionality of WhatApp, we recommend that you take a look at the other messaging apps available.

Messenger apps: 16 WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS
Messenger apps: 16 WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS

With these you can be on the safe side, not to accidentally install malware on your smartphone and not to be permanently blocked by Facebook. You can find out more about the various problems with WhatApp MODs in this separate article.

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