How do I make money online

Make money online in 2021: what really works

Social networks are part of everyday life like morning coffee or tea. So why not use it as a tool to make money? Interesting videos count on YouTube and you should focus on interesting photos on Instagram. The following applies to both: Find a common thread that runs through all of your posts.

How can I make money with YouTube & Instagram?

Find a topic about which you want to put videos online. Create a channel on YouTube or Instagram. You yourself or what you like can also be a topic. Prominent examples are Dagi Bee or Gronkh. Do what you love and talk about it, give tips, reveal tricks - offer your viewers and subscribers added value. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and an idea, and then you're good to go.

How much money do I make with YouTube & Instagram?

You need patience to attract subscribers to your channel or Instagram account. Only then can you earn something with it.

If you have a certain number of subscribers, you can place advertisements before your videos or after individual chapters. In the future, clicks will be your currency: you will get between 1 and 5 euros for every 1,000 views. With product placements through your channel, there is a lot more money in it. Companies give you money to talk about their product. In some cases this can be a three- or even five-digit amount.

With Instagram you also need a large reach - the more reach, the higher your income. You can work exclusively with a brand or just introduce their products in a targeted manner. Affiliate marketing is ideal - here you get a commission for your mediated sales. The more followers buy, the higher your income.