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Water supply association

Dear Sirs and Madames,

dear fellow citizens,

The corona crisis is of course still noticeable in the Wenzenbacher Group water association. Requirements and rules must be observed and implemented. There is currently no party traffic in the office, and the legally required changing of the water meter is suspended until further notice. However, all necessary work and urgent matters are dealt with. The water supply is neither restricted nor in any way endangered. House connections are set up, faults eliminated and building applications processed promptly.

Fortunately, more extensive, fundamental projects have been completed or initiated. Some examples:

-The Birkenhof elevated tank is back in operation. It supplies around two thirds of the amount of water that is kept in the Kürn elevated reservoir for the supply of the association areas belonging to the Bernhardswald community and the city of Nittenau. The filling in Kürn is now secured in two ways again. During the renovation and conversion phase at the Birkenhof, the Am Tradl elevated tank was solely responsible for this.

-The photovoltaic system on the buildings of the association has been expanded. The Zweckverband can now gain a good 100,000 KWh per year for its own use.

- The planning for the rehabilitation of the main line between Kürn and Unterharm has started. A line section that is prone to failure will soon be eliminated.

-According to the resolution of the association assembly at the end of March, the application for the extension of the drinking water protection area around the well system from currently only 150 hectares to 850 hectares is submitted to the district office. A discussion that has been going on since 2013 led to an interim result. The relevant procedure is now being initiated and a generally reasonable and justifiable solution must be found.

Two more brief notes:

-The Zweckverband will soon have its own website. “Detours” via the websites of other institutions are still possible, but no longer necessary.

-Please also note the texts about our association and its drinking water.

I wish you pleasant spring and early summer days. Stay / get healthy!

Best regards

Dr. Rudolf Ebneth

Association chairman


Dear Madam or Sir,

Due to the current corona virus pandemic, we are also making a contribution to containing the virus.

Our office will remain closed to party traffic until further notice. However, the office is manned and can be reached as usual by phone (09407 810 294 0) or via email ([email protected]).

The technical operation is also maintained and can be reached by telephone (09407 2391). Your water supply is not endangered or restricted. As usual, you will receive excellent drinking water in sufficient quantities.

The meter change service will not be carried out and will be postponed until further notice. We want to prevent the virus from spreading with house calls when changing the water meter.

Please understand our measures.


In the area of ​​the municipality of Wenzenbach, the water is drawn from two wells near Gonnersdorf. The drinking water is supplied to the consumer in free falls via elevated tanks at Irlbach, Forstacker, Birkenhof and Am Tradl.

The supply area includes the municipality of Wenzenbach (entire area) and the municipality of Bernhardswald (excluding the towns of Bernhardswald and Adlmannstein), as well as the hamlet of Goppelshof (town of Nittenau).

Waterworks in Fußenberg, Kürner Strasse 60

Tel. 09407/2391 (on-call service).

The Wenzenbach Water Association provides information:

According to the law on the environmental compatibility of detergents and cleaning agents, the water supply companies are obliged to disclose the hardness range (according to the table given) as well as the result of the physical, physico-chemical and chemical analysis of the drinking water.

Hardness rangeHardness levelHardness (dH)Hardness (mmol / l)
I.soft8,4 < 1,5 
IImedium8,4 – 14 1,5 – 2,5 
IIIhard> 14 > 2,5 

The respective water hardness influences the dosage of detergents and cleaning agents. With hard water, more detergents and cleaning agents are required, with softer water, in order to achieve the same degree of cleaning.

According to the research results of 2018, the water supplied by the Wenzenbach association has the following properties:

1) Degree of hardness: The water hardness of the Wenzenbach water authority is included 2.73 mmol / l corresponds to 15.3 ° dH and is therefore in the hardness range 3 (hard) specified by the detergent law. When it comes to the dosage of detergent, it is recommended not to fully use the amount specified for the “hard” range, but to choose a dosage between the “hard” and “medium” range.
2) nitrate: 15.0 mg / l
3) fluoride: 0.21 mg / l
4) ph value: 7,68

Substances for plant treatment and pest control PBSM could not be detected. The examined water samples also met the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance with regard to their microbiological properties. The water quality of the two wells corresponds to the regulations of the drinking water ordinance and is also for the Preparation of baby food suitable. The individual results of the investigation parameters can be viewed in the office of the water association or in the waterworks.

More information at Wasser-Bayern.de - supplier search or directly for Wenzenbach.


Chronicle of the Wenzenbach Water Purpose Association

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