What do teachers do

The teacher's profession and its duties

Teachers support and encourage the personal development of their students. Their task is to impart their specialist knowledge to others and to promote the learning process of all students appropriately and continuously. In Germany, the profession of teacher is not a protected job title, which is why it can be found in many areas. There is the common name of the school teacher who teaches in either private or public schools. They teach at elementary schools, grammar schools, secondary schools and secondary schools. There are also teachers for vocational or special schools. Lecturers at universities and technical colleges can also be described as teachers or university teachers in their work. Outside of school, teachers are also active in adult education or teach, among other things, in music schools, sports clubs or even as driving instructors in a driving school. Accordingly, there are many areas in which teaching is carried out. A teacher training requires, at least in the school area, as a rule, a teaching degree at the university. The student has to choose from a wide range of subjects, usually two subjects. However, there is also the option of adding a supplementary subject during the course, which then has to be studied to the same extent and the course is extended accordingly. Depending on the type of degree, the degree has a different duration. The high school and special school teaching positions last the longest. The primary school teaching position, on the other hand, is the shortest of all. For the teaching profession at vocational schools, an apprenticeship must first be completed before studying. In some cases, however, as an alternative to a teacher training course, lateral entry from other courses is also possible. In any case, the already paid preparatory service, i.e. the legal clerkship, must be successfully completed at a school. The earning opportunities vary depending on the type of school.

The tasks of a teacher are varied. It's not just about conveying educational content and adhering to the prescribed curriculum. A teacher also plays an important part in bringing up children. He can influence social behavior, convey values ​​and promote mutual appreciation between the students. Within a group, it is his job to create a positive learning atmosphere in order to encourage the students to think and act independently and to support them in their independent learning. In addition, a teacher is always a person of trust. He can support his students with personal or school problems and provide educational assistance. He also makes diagnoses in the event of learning difficulties or serious behavioral disorders. In these cases, his tasks also include discussions with parents and finding solutions to problems at school. Participation in conferences and the organization of class trips or excursions as part of everyday teaching life are also part of it. Teachers in Germany are criticized in many ways and are often made responsible for grievances. The job sometimes requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Teachers spend around 25 hours a week at the school. In addition, there are daily class preparations for the following day and, at regular intervals, the correction of exams and homework as well as the evaluation of oral and written student performance. The results can also be used to measure the quality of your own teaching to a large extent. In addition to educational and communicative skills, the prerequisites for this job are psychological resilience and balance, as teachers generally have a great responsibility towards their students. .

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