Are stone fruits considered to be low in sugar

The best low-calorie fruits * table *

Fruits are healthy. But did you know that there can be loads of calories in it too? So that you know your way around, we have entered fruit in a calorie table that contains few calories and can therefore help you lose weight.

Fruits are very healthy. They contain vitamins, minerals and sometimes loads of calories.

Why does a calorie table divide fruit into good and bad fruit? Well, it's very simple: There are types of fruit that can make you fat and those that help us lose weight.

You will find out in this post

But don't get it wrong: Fruits should be a regular part of your menu.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it should be three servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

So you finally succeed in changing your diet!

If we stick to the recommendation, we will supply our body with a whole range of vitamins and minerals.

Usually there are even more than in vegetables. We eat fruits raw, so no nutrients can be lost.

But if you want to get rid of a few kilograms, you should also pay attention to the calorie content of fruits. Fruit has more calories than vegetables.

No more cravings!

So that you know exactly whether it is better to grab apples, bananas or plums, we have entered fruit in our calorie table that is good for you if you want to lose weight.

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Calorie table fruit for berries

If you want to do something good for your health and your figure, then berries in all shapes and colors should land on your plate.

You can snack them, mix them into muesli, make smoothies, stir into porridge and more.

fruitCalories in 100 g
strawberry32 kcal
raspberry33 kcal
Red currant36 kcal
cranberry38 kcal
Blueberry39 kcal
Blackcurrant40 kcal
blackberry43 kcal
Gooseberry44 kcal
Kiwi berry52 kcal


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Calorie table fruit for stone fruits

It is worth entering fruit in the calorie table that does not have to be imported from afar, but grows right on the doorstep.

Peach, nectarine and the like shouldn't be missing in summer. If the temperatures get warmer, the desire for stone fruits also increases. And that's good. Many of them contain few calories.

fruitCalories in 100 g
peach41 kcal
apricot43 kcal
plum48 kcal
nectarine56 kcal
mango60 kcal
cherry62 kcal
Mirabelle63 kcal

The best dessert ever: grilled peaches with yogurt!

Calorie table fruit for pome fruit

Do you love apples and pears? Very good! Because even with pome fruit there are varieties that contain few calories. They are in season all year round because they can be stored very easily.

So you can stock up on lots of apples and pears and always have some healthy fruit on hand.

fruitCalories in 100 g
quince38 kcal
Apple52 kcal
pear55 kcal

Did you know that making applesauce is so easy?

Depending on the variety and fructose content, different apple varieties end up higher or lower in the fruit calorie table.

A Golden Delicious has 57 calories per 100 grams, while the Pink Lady has 55 calories and the Gala Apple has 52.

Calorie table fruits - citrus fruits and exotic fruits

fruitCalories in 100 g
lemon29 kcal
Watermelon30 kcal
papaya32 kcal
Guava34 kcal
Grapefruit42 kcal
orange47 kcal
tangerine50 kcal
pineapple50 kcal
kiwi61 kcal
Cowardly63 kcal
Lychee66 kcal

Mega tasty and low in calories: watermelon pizza!

Top 10 low calorie fruits

We have entered fruit in this calorie table that can help you lose weight. And across the board from stone fruit to exotic species and berries.

fruitCalories in 100 g
Watermelon30 kcal
strawberry32 kcal
papaya32 kcal
raspberry33 kcal
Guava34 kcal
Red currant36 kcal
cranberry38 kcal
Blueberry39 kcal
Blackcurrant40 kcal
peach41 kcal


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The biggest calorie bombs

It should now be clear why a calorie table divides fruit into good and bad fruit. But do you also know which fruits contain the most calories? You should only eat a little of this fruit if you want to lose weight.

fruitCalories in 100 g
Passion fruit97 kcal
banana89 kcal
pomegranate83 kcal
Grape70 kcal
Persimmon70 kcal


Basically, fruit contains small amounts of calories. But there are exceptions. Namely whenever it is a question of dried fruit. Because water is withdrawn from the fruits. What remains is a lot of fructose.

fruitCalories in 100 g
Banana chips519 kcal
dried cranberries308 kcal
Apple crisps298 kcal
Dates285 kcal
dried apricots241 kcal


Why you should eat a lot of fruit

Whether you want to lose weight or not, whether you put fruit on a calorie table before you eat it or not, eat it regularly. Low-calorie fruits should be on your menu twice a day.

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The nutritional values ​​in fruits help our body to be supplied with vitamins. This helps us to stay healthy, reduce stress and avert infections.

Apples in particular contain a lot of vitamins. There are over 30 healthy nutrients in an apple when you eat it with the skin on.

What are calories in food?

The indication of the calories in food shows you how much energy they provide. This is calculated in food by the proportion of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

The calorific value of food indicates the energy density that is created in the body when it is metabolized. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? But it is not :)

1 gram of fat provides 9 kcal, 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates provide 4 kcal. In other words: high-fat foods have a higher energy density and therefore more calories.

By the way, people haven't said calories for a long time. But has been counting on kilojoules for a long time. Nevertheless, calories stick in our parlance. If you want to convert joules to calories, you have to divide the factor 4.18.

Good and bad calories

If you want to divide fruit with a calorie table, then you've probably heard of good and bad calories.

Fats, proteins and carbohydrates have different effects on the metabolism. That's why an apple is used differently than spaghetti, even if you consume the same amount of calories.

400 calories from a cake have a different effect than 400 calories from a mixed salad.

The sugar in the cake or in the fruit causes the blood sugar level to skyrocket. Our body releases insulin and, in the long term, favors fat storage. Therefore, when you reach for fruit, you should give way to low-sugar fruit.

Our conclusion

It makes sense to evaluate fruit in a calorie table if you want to lose weight. But even if you want to hold your kilos, it is better if you reach for an apple instead of a banana.

That doesn't mean that high-calorie fruits are absolutely taboo. But you should eat them wisely.

Enojy your meal :)