Is it okay to kiss a prostitute

Why do men go to the brothel? Certainly not because we are more beautiful than other women. Men just can't and don't want to be faithful. Customers are notorious cheaters. They go to prostitutes and complain that their wife doesn't go along with this or that. But they never asked their partner. I do not understand that. You can tell me clearly what you want. But apparently you only dare to do it with the banknote in hand.

Some suitors really love their wives. But do you really think that going to the brothel regularly is not cheating? Your women probably see it differently. For me at least it would be terrible if my partner had to go to the brothel because our sex life doesn't satisfy him. So I fulfill my friend's every wish, while I don't allow my customers to do everything. Drawing the line between work and love life is still difficult. When I'm in love, I don't feel like sleeping with other men. I always have to overcome that.

Free believe: "I have paid, I can do everything"

As a prostitute, I do a job that many people think is crossing borders. But that doesn't mean that I have no more limits. I still want to be able to look at myself in the mirror, and I'm also afraid of illnesses. You too should think about it before you want to have everything unprotected again. But you don't bother - and many girls can't afford these concerns.

You can even live out your rape fantasies with me - at least if we have discussed it beforehand. For example, I had a suitor who always wanted me to wear a white dress and pretend innocently. Then he "abused" me. I always asked myself: What goes through this man's head when he is sitting next to his niece? And then I think to myself: It's good that he does it with me and not with the child. Society can be happy that we have whores. Then such men live with us and not elsewhere.

However, it is absolutely not okay if you do exactly what we have not agreed upon beforehand. Unfortunately this happens more and more often. Due to the large number of cheap prostitution on offer, she seems to have lost all inhibitions. I used to be asked, "May I kiss you?" Now you just stick your tongue down my throat.

For some of you, doing something against the will of the prostitute may be the ultimate thrill. But then that's not sex work - it's sexual violence. The fact that many of us have rape as an RPG in our repertoire doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want with our bodies. You are confusing something when you think: "I have paid, I am allowed to do everything."

Sex work should be a job like any other

A big problem for people in prostitution is stigma. You can't get out of the industry, also because you can't just write yourself eight years as an escort on your résumé. No normal company takes you anymore. I would like sex work to be seen as a job like any other. After all, the state also makes good money from prostitution, many of us pay several thousand euros in taxes a year.

Believe me, more women do the job than you think. There just isn't any to it.

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