How much does a fire engine cost

Dreieich - In April the magistrate had the city council approve the purchase of a new turntable ladder for the Sprendlingen fire brigade. They wanted to buy a demonstration vehicle from it in order to save money. From Frank Mahn

The order has now been placed, but under a different sign: The fire brigade is getting a new vehicle that is also cheaper than originally calculated.

"We caught a favorable market situation with the tender and were able to achieve a significantly better price," says First City Councilor Martin Burlon. Instead of 580,000, the city only has to transfer 515,000 euros to the manufacturer. And from that she can deduct another 102,000 euros. That's how much the state of Hesse contributes. City fire inspector Andreas Baumbusch and honorary city councilor Heinz-Georg Stöhs received the approval notification from Interior Minister Boris Rhein in Dietzenbach these days.

The resolution to dispose of the previous turntable ladder from 1987 had been taken a long time ago. The exchange was only planned for 2013. “But we couldn't wait until then to buy a new one,” says Mayor Dieter Zimmer. The reason: Several technical defects in the 25-year-old model no longer allow unrestricted use. After the annual review according to the accident prevention regulations had confirmed this assessment, the magistrate felt compelled to act. A repair was out of the question from an economic point of view - in the past ten years the city has invested 100,000 euros in maintenance and repairs. In parliament, all parliamentary groups - with the exception of the FDP - shared this opinion.

Almost 90 percent of turntable ladder operations are used to rescue people after accidents or to transport sick and heavy people from upper floors - if the stairwell is too narrow.