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The 5-day intensive course for future SQL experts


I very rarely do open training courses because the organization is very complex - sometimes only to find out that there is not enough demand for this database at this date and this location.

Now I'm going to do it again and would like to give you a brief overview.

There are currently two dates (20-24 Aug and 17-21 September) for one english Training in my hometown Vienna With PostgreSQL as the primary demo database to choose from. MariaDB, MySQL, SQL Server and the Oracle database are also covered as secondary databases.

All examples are demonstrated using the primary database, PostgreSQL. The differences to the other databases are also shown, but not every example for every database.

All examples and exercises are available for all databases (if the respective database supports the required function).

The training covers topics such as intelligent indexing to increase the SQL performance as well as Data consistency, Analysis and aggregation, recursive queries and much more.

You can find a detailed description on my website. There is also a non-binding reservation there.

All details and reservation

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