What is a shock activated fire extinguisher

Handling a fire extinguisher

Attack fire in the direction of the wind, always go with the wind, spraying into the embers from below, not into the flame, keeping enough distance so that the powder cloud can envelop the entire fire. It is essential to delete intermittently. The extinguishing agent supply of a 6 kg extinguisher is used up in 4 - 5 seconds of continuous operation.



Extinguish wildfires from the front and below, not from behind or above, always extinguish the burning material, not the flames.



In the case of drip and flowing brew, extinguish from above (exit point) downwards.



Use several fire extinguishers at the same time, not one after the other.


Watch out for flare-ups, do not leave the area of ​​fire, wait for the fire brigade and observe.


Never put away used and activated fire extinguishers, but have them refilled immediately. Have the fire extinguisher checked for functionality every 2 years.