Why is the Steam controller being discontinued

Valve discontinues the Steam Controller

Valve sold the last copies of the Steam controller at a cheap price: For a short time the PC gamepad was available for 5.50 euros plus shipping costs, but the stocks have now been used up.

There will probably be no more supplies. Valve has confirmed to the US magazine The Verge that the Steam Controller is no longer in production. The Steam Controller experiences a fate similar to that of the Steam Link, which was also sold off at the end of 2017 in the course of the production stop.

Steam Controller and Steam Link were launched together in 2015 to make PC games playable on TV. With the Steam Link you could stream the game from your computer to the TV, thanks to the Steam Controller you could also control the title from the sofa.

In return, the Steam Controller had some features that come closer to being controlled by mouse and keyboard than other gamepads. On the one hand, there is the trackpad, with which you could emulate a mouse. Paddles on the underside could also perform additional functions. The Steam Controller could also be configured quite freely.

No replacement at the moment

Users were able to replace the Steam Link relatively easily - there is now an app for streaming on TV, for example. The Steam Controller, on the other hand, still has no alternative. You can theoretically use a mouse and keyboard on the sofa or simply use a normal Xbox controller - but the trackpad features of the Steam gamepad are missing.

According to rumors, Valve is already working on a successor to the Steam Controller. This is indicated, among other things, by a patent that became public in the spring. The announcement by Valve is still pending. (there)

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