How do I start a premium Snapchat

Snapchat for beginners: this is how the app with the little yellow ghost works

200 million people use the photo sharing service Snapchat, founded in 2011. The network with the yellow ghost is particularly popular with teenagers: They send their snapshots, the snaps, in private messages or post them publicly in so-called stories. The special thing about it: the private snaps are deleted after a maximum of 10 seconds, the stories can be seen for 24 hours before they disappear from the platform.

However, many older people face a big question mark when using Snapchat. MEEDIA therefore explains the basics step by step:

1. Set up an account
Snapchat is free to download for both iOS and Android. Then set up your account: Enter your e-mail address, your birthday (the age limit is 12 years) and choose a user name (note: the user name can no longer be changed). After you have entered your mobile phone number, you will receive a six-digit code via SMS which you must use to verify yourself.

2. Add friends
By recording your telephone number, Snapchat shows you who of your contacts also has an account. You will also be found by other users in this way. When you go to Snapchat, the first thing to do is to open the camera. To get to the general settings, click on the ghost symbol at the top of the display. There you can add friends by either adding suggested contacts or searching for specific usernames.

3. Take and send photos or videos
To take a photo, press the shutter button once; for a video, press and hold the button. To take a selfie, click the icon in the top right corner. If you want to delete the photo, go to the X in the top left corner. At the top right you will find three symbols for editing the image: You can insert a title, add smileys and / or draw something yourself. At the bottom left in the corner you can see a clock: You use it to determine how long your Snap should be visible. The minimum is one second, the maximum ten. You then have the option of either sending the photo or video privately or posting it in your public story. To send it privately, click the arrow in the lower right corner and then select a contact. The recipient can now see the image for a maximum of ten seconds before it deletes itself. You can also use the arrow next to the clock to download the recording and save it in your smartphone gallery.

4. Private chats
The camera is your homepage on Snapchat. From there, if you swipe left or click the square in the lower left corner, you will enter the chat area. All previous chat partners are displayed there. To send a new picture or video to your friends, double-click the name. If you want to start a conversation with a new friend, you can enter the name of the contact using the search mask. Alternatively, you have the option of first recording a snap and then sending it directly (see above). If your chat partner takes a screenshot of your Snaps, you will receive a notification. If you have received a private message, a notification will be displayed on the camera's start page at the bottom left after opening the app.

5. The stories
The Snapchat stories are particularly appealing to celebrities and more and more media makers. All published snaps are collected here and played back one after the other. The story is told longer and longer over the course of a day and almost in real time. To add a snap to a story, click the plus sign in the lower left of the download icon.

They will be deleted after 24 hours; it is not possible to create multiple separate stories within this period - all snaps end up in the same one. If you look at your own stories and tap on the screen, you will be shown in the bottom left (eye symbol) who has viewed your Snaps. You also have the option of clearing the history with the X symbol in the lower right corner.

If you swipe to the right from the start page (as a reminder: a swipe to the left takes you to the chats), you get to the stories area; here you can see the activities of your friends. If they have published new stories, you will see a notification at the bottom right after opening the app.

5. The Discover function
Where you can see your contacts' stories (swipe to the right) you will also find the Discover section. This update was introduced at the beginning of the year and enables publishers to accommodate editorial content such as text, video and also music on Snapchat. These stories are also automatically deleted after 24 hours. So far, among others: CNN, Comedy Central, National Geographic, ESPN, Mashable, Vice or Cosmopolitan. The media houses can also place advertisements within the news stories, and the income from this is shared between the publishers and Snapchat.