What we can learn from PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised various apps that were part of the "App Innovation Challenge".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday highlighted the innovation challenges of "Aatmanirbhar Bharat" apps, explaining that India is rapidly developing mobile applications that are becoming increasingly popular with the people. "We have a lot of different mobile applications made in the country - like 'Koo' for microblogging and 'Chingari' - and these are growing in popularity," Prime Minister Modi said on the 68th edition of the monthly Man Ki Baat radio program. 'He added,' As part of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat App innovation challenge, there is an app '#KutukiKids Learning App. This is an interactive app for kids where they can easily learn many aspects of math, science through songs and stories. “However, he regretted that most of the computer games, which are very popular with young and old, are influenced by the West. “We should have games with a focus on India. We can be "Aatmanirbhar" in this regard, "said the Prime Minister. He stressed making India a center of the toy industry and said: “I urge our start-up to join forces for toys. This also corresponds to our demand for a local voice. I urge our young brothers to play games in India and also in India. “He talked about increasing India's share of the global toy industry by 7 billion rupees. “India’s share of the global toy industry is very small. It is not right for us to have such a small stake, we have to work to improve it, "said the Prime Minister." Some parts of India are also developing as toy clusters, ie as centers for toys. Like Channapatna in Ramnagaram (Karnataka), Kondaplli in Krishna (Andhra Pradesh), Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, Dhubri in Assam, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh - there are many such places, we can count the names. “He said there are many talented and skilled craftsmen who have expertise in making good toys. “We have also focused on toys in national education policy. Learning to play, making toys, etc. is part of the curriculum, ”said Prime Minister Modi. “During those times I thought of my young friends. I've been thinking about how my young friends can get more toys. The best toys are those that generate creativity. How can India become a toy manufacturing center? This is necessary because toys can be used to build the mind. Even Rabindra Nath Tagore has spoken about the importance of toys, he added. Speaking of various festivals in India, he said, “There is a strong connection between our festivals and the environment. We have a lot of festivals that deal with protecting our environment. ““ The Onam Festival is also celebrated with serenity and fervor. This festival arrives in the month of Chingam. During this time, people buy something new, decorate their houses, prepare pookalam, and enjoy onam saadiya. Various games and competitions were also held, ”said the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Modi commended teachers for adapting to technology amid the coronavirus pandemic. He also praised the role of dogs in disaster management, saying, “In India, NDRF has trained a dozen such dogs. These dogs are experts at detecting people living beneath the rubble in an earthquake or building collapse. "