Why is the English language evolving

The English language

You meet in English every day, whether in school in English lessons, on the Internet or in German, which has already adopted some English words in everyday language use. Here you can find out where the English language originated, how it spread and where you can find it today.

English: a world language that should be mastered

Undoubtedly is English is recognized as a world language today. The English language is the most widely spoken language on earth, spoken by around 340 million native speakers and more than 1 billion second speakers today. In 54 countries around the world, English is the official language or a recognized second language and it is therefore not surprising that people on all continents learn English fluently. Those who want to advance professionally, but also those who want to travel the world and get to know its countries, their customs and traditions, will have to learn English quickly, because this language is spoken by people in almost every country on earth.

The English language came with the English sailing ships

Over the centuries, while Great Britain, the motherland of the English language, developed into a maritime and colonial power and carried the English language on its sailing ships to every corner of the earth, whether to the landscapes of Africa, the Himalayas or the Poles, In this way, the English language developed into a world language. The English language is universal today. It is more widespread than any other language on earth, and only standard Chinese has more native speakers than English. English is the first foreign language in many schools around the world today.

The English language:

In the federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany, English has been a compulsory foreign language since the Düsseldorf Agreement of 1955. English belongs to the family of Indo-European languages ​​and its simple and easy-to-understand language structure makes it possible to learn this language quickly. Many technical languages ​​that tens of thousands of people have to use every day in their professional lives are now based on English. This includes, for example, many specialist terms from IT or business. English is the command language within NATO armies. English is also the common language in space travel that is spoken on the International Space Station, so that astronauts from different nations can communicate with one another. In addition, the English language also a poetic language. It is the language of William Shakespeare, as well as that of Bob Dylan or the Beatles. English is multicultural and, when you master this language, it is not uncommon for friendly bonds to develop between members of foreign nations and cultures. Therefore it is important today to master this language in order to be part of the world and its culture.

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