How can I seduce a boy

Seducing men: this is how you make him really nervous

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Seducing one another is what makes sex special and exciting. Regardless of whether it is about seducing men or women, whether it is a new conquest or whether you want to surprise your partner and breathe a breath of fresh air into your relationship: It is always worthwhile to put some extra energy into love. Anyone can just have sex. Just don't seduce by the line and thread.

Of course, we women know very well what turns us on, which buttons to press. With men, we first have to acquire this knowledge. After all, your body and your erogenous zones work very differently than in the female body. So here are a few tips on how you can heat it up properly.

And make the effort: you know for yourself how nice it is to be seduced. It is no different for men. They too like to be seduced and women should be emancipated and free enough to do just that.

Especially in longer relationships, in which lust and passion have gradually given way to familiarity and habit, it is important to break out of established behavior patterns every now and then and give your love life an extra kick. Use your knowledge and your joy in seducing men and make sure that the man in your heart is completely blown.

#1. Let's talk about sex

The first tip to seduce men perfectly is very simple: talk! Express your wishes and fantasies. Be open and brash so that his jaw drops. And of course you can or should ask him about his wishes just as openly.

Most of the misunderstandings between the two partners are because they both have completely different expectations. Not every woman likes hours of foreplay, and not every man likes a quick quickie at the kitchen table. Those are ole clich├ęs and they should be mothballed. There are enough women who think the fast act is great and enough men who say "Wait a minute, not so fast" when you want to get started.

To find out what makes you and him happy, you have to call things by their names. And to be honest: Nothing is sexier than talking calmly about dirty sex and even dirtier thoughts on a cozy evening for two.

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# 2. Feel comfortable

When you want to seduce men and ask them what they like, they usually say things like, "When women are confident in bed" or "When women know what they want". And with that they are actually saying something extremely correct: Because if you like yourself, then you radiate that too. And that is exactly what is hotter than anything else.

It's all about you and him, two bodies that will merge with each other and that have a lot of fun and little sleep ahead of them. So why think about problem areas or other unimportant things? Free your mind for what is more important now. Yes, SEX!

You can never seduce a man better than with your own enthusiasm for what you are doing.

If you still think that you are not hot and desirable enough for who you are, do something for your self-esteem. Dress in the way you feel really comfortable. And if it's sexy underwear, go for it. And if it's nothing and the lights are off, that's OK too. This is about you and you have to be comfortable.

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# 3. Enjoy sex with all your senses

Engage all of your senses during sex. Of course, it's about feeling, i.e. touch, about stimulation and arousal. But what we see, what we hear and what we smell is also part of the game. And it makes the whole thing perfect. So why not include our taste buds too?

At least since Kim Basinger in "9 1/2 weeks" we know how wonderful food makes during sex. And even if this film was made in 1986, it has impressively proven that delicious and sex is more than strawberries with whipped cream that you put in each other's mouths. Mickey Rourke showed it and seduced his dream woman in the film with all kinds of dishes.

One after the other, grapes, cherries, sparkling wine, pasta, jelly, milk and honey disappeared in her mouth - or spread over her body. An immensely sensual pleasure that you can wonderfully recreate at home. Why not seduce men with a little cream and milk? All you need is a well-stocked refrigerator.

And if you catch a gasp and think: You don't play with food and don't waste food: That's right. But this is your dinner too.

Here you will find 70 tips and suggestions for dirty talk. A little tip in advance: women shouldn't say these sentences during sex ...

# 4. Give him a lot of anticipation

Anticipation is the greatest joy. Say: give him appetite! Seducing men also means getting their brains going. How? Send him a few explicit messages on his smartphone in which you describe what you feel like doing right now and what you would like to do with him. Whatever turns you on: write it to him.

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# 5. Hello awake: Because he'll love good morning sex

If we think about seducing men, then the whole thing takes place in our head mostly in the evening or at night. Stupid actually. It has been scientifically proven that men are really hot between six and nine in the morning. So take advantage of the early hour and wake up your sweetheart according to all the rules of the art of (seduction).

This is not only a particularly nice way of saying good morning, it also prepares you perfectly for the day. Studies show that sexual arousal and orgasm release happiness hormones in us that continue to work for up to 24 hours after sex.

In addition, early morning sex stimulates the circulation, improves blood circulation and ensures that your gray cells are in shape. But the best reason for morning sex is: Your loved one will be delighted and thank you for it. Here are some other good reasons why morning sex is the best.

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# 6. Make love in unusual places

Surveys show that men like to do it in bed, but that they find it even more exciting to be seduced in unusual places. The most secret fantasies are spun around the office (preferably on the desk), the back seat of the car or the classic: the changing room.

But out-of-home sex offers many more pleasurable variants: How about, for example, a romantic nighttime nude bathing? With the roof of a skyscraper or the (almost) empty cinema hall in the afternoon show? Get pleasure? Then don't get caught ...

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And at home, too, you can certainly provide variety, for example on this sex furniture ...

# 7. Talk tacheless - with dirty talk

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Last but not least: to seduce men, you can talk to them. And dirty. Most men love dirty talk. "Do it to me - now!" - With these and similar requests and remarks you can really get your loved ones going. However, no dirty talker has fallen from the sky yet. Here it means practice, practice, practice - and find out what he and you like.

Take it slow! The easiest and most effective is to simply describe what you are about to do. Describe to your loved one with a deep look into his eyes what exactly you plan to do with him. Then slowly but surely you keep going. You will see: Talking during sex makes everything even hotter. You will never want silent movie sex again. And neither will he.

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